Tips for keeping sports equipment clean


Most sports equipment is made of tough materials and can stand getting dirty and scuffed. In fact, over-cleaning can be as much of a problem as under-cleaning, since racquets, balls, skis and other sporting goods often contain finely calibrated, high-tech materials. The trick is knowing not just how to clean your sports gear, but how often to do it.
1. To clean a baseball glove

Brush away dirt with a stiff-bristled leather-care brush, available from shoe stores.
If the glove gets muddy, let the mud dry and then brush it off.
Don’t use water on your leather glove.
If your glove gets rained on, let it dry naturally in a warm, well-ventilated place. Don’t put it on or near a heater or fireplace, as heat causes leather to stiffen and crack.
After the glove has dried, use lanolin or a lanolin-based shaving cream to soften the leather.

2. To clean an outdoor basketball

Use a cloth and a solution of water and dishwashing liquid.
When clean, rinse the basketball with plain water and air-dry.

3. To care for a football

When your football, which is usually made of synthetic leather,

Tips for buying tennis shoes


The following guide is helpful for finding the best tennis shoe based on the wide variety of surfaces tennis is played on, from grass to concrete to clay.
1. Hardcourt

Most tennis courts where amateurs play are consistent with a hardcourt surface or concrete covered in a tennis court surface. As the surface is harder, the best shoes should have two vital components: grip and cushion.
The hardcourt makes the tennis ball move faster when it’s hit, meaning you’ll need to do more running and cutting while playing.
Due to the hardness of the court, cushion is also incredibly important to keep your feet from getting hurt, so shoes with a lot of foam in their soles will be important as well. This, however, will add weight and make them tough to use on other tennis court surfaces.

2. Grass

Grass is softer and slows down the tennis ball when it makes contact. Grass is also relatively slick, meaning the main thing your tennis shoes will need is tread for cutting.
Without the right tread, your feet will go out from under you and you could seriously

Choosing the best cardio equipment for a home gym


Learn what to look for in treadmills, elliptical trainers and other machines before purchasing your home exercise cardio equipment.

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology says you should get at least 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous cardiovascular exercise every week, and having one of these machines at home is a good way to squeeze extra workouts into a busy day.
1. Treadmills

This is the ideal exercise machine if you want to continue a walking or running habit indoors, particularly during the colder winter months.

If you’re buying one for everyone in your family to use, look for a sturdy treadmill that is rated to accommodate the weight of the heaviest user, and has a treadmill belt long and wide enough to accommodate the same user’s stride. The treadmill should not shake or squeak when you run on it, and should have a cushioned running deck, an easy-to-read display, and control buttons that are easy to understand.

Keep in mind that if you share a wall with neighbours or your home with loved ones, they will hear your every step on the treadmill. If you need a quieter

How to take care of your baseball gear

Ah, the smell and feel of an old mitt that fits the hand like a second skin. The crack of a favourite bat. New stuff can never replace your favourite old baseball gear, so you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape.
How to soften a stiff mitt

There are nearly as many opinions about the “right” lubricant to use to break in a baseball mitt as there are rules in the game. Traditionalists opt for Neatsfoot oil (which is available at most shoe stores), linseed oil or a specialized glove oil. Others maintain that petroleum jelly, oil lubricant and even bath oil are just as effective, if not better. Still, the method for breaking in a glove is more or less the same in all cases.

1. Spread some of the lubricant of your choice all around the glove using a soft cloth; then rub a bit more into the pocket of the glove and under each finger.

2. Place a baseball in the pocket and fold the mitt sideways. Keep it tied up with a belt, an Ace bandage or some heavy-duty rubber bands. Let it sit for one or two days; then open the mitt and wipe off any excess

Elevate your play in soccer badminton and rugby

No matter how competitive you might be, it’s always best to bring your A-game. These informative tidbits will help you pick up the basics of badminton, learn to make better rugby passes, and improve your penalty shot in soccer.
Brush up on your badminton basics

This indoor court game is played by two or four people with rackets and a light feathered projectile called a shuttlecock. The speed of the shuttlecock and its swift deceleration give the game its character.

Play begins with the server hitting the shuttlecock diagonally over the net towards the receiver. The players or pairs then take turns hitting the shuttlecock over the net.
A point is won by grounding the shuttlecock within the court on your opponent’s side of the net, or by forcing your opponent to hit the shuttlecock into the net or out of the court entirely. The winner of the rally becomes the server for the next point.
To win a game, a player or pair must reach 21 points. If the score reaches 20-all, the game continues until either a two point lead is established or one side reaches 30 points. Matches are generally played as a best-of-three.

Make a rugby pass

Here are the ingredients

5 items tennis players need

Five items all tennis players need in their tennis bags

Whether you are heading out for a quick game with friends or have a match against a ranked opponent, be sure you are prepared with the right equipment. While you’ll always need your racket and shoes, you’ll also want to have these five items all tennis players need in their bags.

1. Multiple rackets

How many times have we seen a player on television break a string from too much spin or from a temper tantrum? Luckily for these players, they’re always prepared with multiple rackets. While it is unlikely that you’ll ever be playing in a packed stadium, it is always a good idea to have at least two rackets with you. The second racket does not have to be as good or expensive as your primary one; however, it should be a racket that you have spent time using.
2. Hydration

Never assume that your neighbourhood court will have a water fountain. As a result, always bring at least two bottles of chilled water and a banana or similar snack that is high in potassium. If planning to play for a while, consider using an electrolyte-infused sports drink. Not only will this

Choose the right running shoe to avoid injury

Choose the right running shoe to avoid injury

Injuries can plague both experienced runners and novices, but choosing the right running shoe can help. Each person runs differently, and not all running shoes are created equal, so do some research about how you run so you can pick the best pair.
Types of runners

Runners fall into three main categories when it comes to distributing weight from the heel of the foot to the toes: over-pronation, supination, and neutral pronation. Over-pronation refers to runners whose feet roll inward usually due to weak arch support, while supination refers to runners whose feet roll outward, and neutral pronation means the weight remains equally distributed from back to front.

If you’re not entirely sure which category you fall into, there are some at-home tips to discover your running style. Examine your current running shoes to see how the tread has worn down over several months. A well-worn pair of running shoes will reveal if you tend to run on the inside, outside, or centre of your foot.

Another way is to have a friend or family member watch you walk barefoot in a straight line to see how you distribute your weight. If neither of these methods

Improving positional play in tennis doubles: expert tips

Getting into the right position to return the ball is important in all forms of tennis, but it is crucial in doubles. With two players on one side of the court, you need to plan out your positional play so that you and your partner can cover the court without getting in each other’s way. Here are some expert tips to do just that.
Left and right play

When playing left and right, it’s important to react to the position of your partner. This means moving left and right in tandem with one another.

Think about how far you are from your partner when receiving a serve and try to maintain this distance throughout a rally.

If your partner needs to run out of the court to return a ball, then move over at the same rate to the centre of the court. This will help players to cover the space that their partner leaves uncovered. And that means that your opponents will have a much harder time smashing the ball into a wide open zone that you and your partner are too far from to defend.
Back and forth play

Playing with both players close to the net is called “two up.” It

The best bait and lures for fishing

The best bait and lures for fishing

Certain baits and lures are among the best available in Canada for catching just about any fish. Read below to find out more.

Aglia spinner

The aglia spinner came about in France over 75 years ago, and returning veterans brought it back to North America following World War II. It was voted as the top lure for trout by Field and Stream readers. On top of this, the lure lays claim to having caught the most recorded fish of any other lure on the market. Everything from salmon and walleye to crappies and bass will latch on to this lure. So whether you’re in the Great Slave Lake or a waterway like the Polar Bear Provincial Park, you’ll surely be able to snag some whoppers.
Silver minnow

The silver minnow has a simple design that wobbles at a 35-degree angle and has an amazing weed guard. It’s great for catching pike, so anyone heading to the northern region of Manitoba is definitely in for a treat.
Shad rap

The shad rap is a highly versatile lure. It saw its 30th anniversary in 2012, but it’s been popular since the day it hit the market. The numerous varieties make

How to prevent injuries with a winter sport safety checklist

Whether you’re winning championships or just getting a great workout, winter is one of the most exciting times of the year for sports. Unfortunately, many folks venture out without an injury-proof plan. Preparing a winter sport safety checklist reduces the odds that you’ll experience a cold weather injury caused by a fall or exposure to the elements. Follow these nine tips to enjoy a safe winter sports season.
1. Dress in layers

Dressing in layers is important for both safety and comfort, as drastic weather changes can cause unstable body temperatures. When you can remove or add layers of clothing, you reduce the risk of developing hyper or hypothermia.
2. Don’t depend on wrist guards

Guards can help reduce injury to the wrists, but you can’t depend on a wrist guard for complete protection. If you fall, tuck your arms and land on one side of the upper body to reduce the chance of wrist injuries.
3. Practice proper form to prevent ankle sprains

Most skiing and skating injuries occur from incorrect form. To prevent ankle injuries, flex the knees when you’re in motion and practice weight distribution techniques.
4. Warm muscles prior to activity

Short warm-up exercises and stretches can help prevent cold

How to save on winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding and hockey are all wonderful winter activities, but they also hold the potential to clean out a winter enthusiast’s bank account. This winter, ditch the overpriced equipment and take a more savvy approach to snow and ice-based sports.
1. Take advantage of free ski trails and sledding hills

Skiing and snowboarding tend to break the bank because of the pricey ski-lift passes. Cross-country skiing is a great way to get some exercise in the winter, and it can be a very inexpensive recreational activity for those savvy enough to find free public trails. Some cities maintain ski trails, while others focus on sledding hills, which make it possible for families to enjoy long days of winter fun while sticking to a budget.
2. Don’t be afraid to buy used equipment

That used pair of hockey skates might look a bit ragged, but the otherwise shabby skates can easily be fixed with an inexpensive sharpening. Most people abandon their old winter sports equipment not because it is poorly made or ineffective, but because they do not participate in those activities anymore.

Take advantage of this by hitting up the local sporting goods shop where used high-quality equipment can be obtained at minimal

4 stylish ways to keep the sun out of your eyes during a tennis match

Outdoor tennis can be a challenge because of wind, rain, and sun. If you want a fashionable and effective way of shielding your eyes from the sun while you play, check out the list of ideas below.
Sports cap

One of the most traditional and popular sun-screening methods for tennis players is a simple sports cap.
Originally created for baseball, today, sports caps are made for a range of sports.
There are hats for tennis that can keep the sun off of the face and also help reduce the amount of moisture from the scalp.

Sun visor

Sun visors simply have a visor to block out the sun with a Velcro strap to wrap around your head.
Sun visors are one of the best options for tennis players, since they allow your head to stay cool while still shielding your eyes.
Without a top, visors allow your head to sweat and breathe, and don’t trap heat that comes out of your scalp.


Sunglasses are another great way to keep sun out of the eyes during tennis matches.
In the past, many players complained that traditional sunglasses obscured their vision of the ball and hindered their playing.
Look out for special sunglasses developed for tennis

5 tips for choosing a tennis racket

There are so many kinds of tennis rackets on the market today that it is difficult to know which one is best for you. Here’s a handy guide that will help you to choose a tennis racket that will serve you well.
1. Have a budget

There’s no need to break the bank when purchasing a tennis racket.

Though some racket prices can reach into the hundreds of dollars, you don’t necessarily need one that is so expensive unless you play professionally.
The trick to spending just the right amount of money on your racket is to set a budget beforehand.
Decide how much you’re willing to spend, and then work backwards from there to find a racket that fits within your spending constraints, but still meets your other requirements.

2. Choose a material

Rackets are available in several materials, including wood, graphite, titanium and aluminium.

The material and size of the racket will influence its weight. When shopping, feel the weight of each racket, and make a note of the material that it’s made from.
Once you figure out what weight you’re comfortable handling, you’ll likely notice that all the rackets you like are made from the same material.
Now you’ll be able to

4 signs it’s time to get new running shoes

Running is an excellent exercise for health and stress-relief, but it’s also hard on your body. That’s why running shoes in good condition are important. When will you know to replace yours?

Running is an excellent exercise for health and stress-relief, but it can also be hard on your body. In order to ensure that you stay safe when running, it’s important to have the adequate gear in good condition, particularly running shoes.

Running shoes provide support not only to the feet of a runner, but also the ankles, knees, back and more. Here we explain four of the most common ailments that people experience when they have worn out their running shoes, and when it’s time to invest in some new ones.
1. You feel shin pain

One of the most common injuries or strains that is caused by an improper running shoe is shin splints. Shin splints occur when the muscles, tendons and tissue at the front of the shin become inflamed and painful, and they’re caused by repetitive pounding and stress on the shins.

A proper running shoe in good shape will stop this unnecessary pressure from happening while running. If you start experiencing pain in your shins that you’ve not

How to smack it home with the perfect tennis racket

Buying the right tennis racket can be problematic, especially considering the huge range of models available on the market. Do you prefer a heavy racket or a lighter one? Do you want a basic racket or one that embodies the latest technology? Perhaps you believe that with the perfect tennis racket, you’ll play the perfect match. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

Power or control?

The first thing you have to decide is whether you prefer powerful shots, controlled shots or a bit of both. In order to make this decision, you’ll need to evaluate various parameters, such as the weight of the racket, its length and if the string pattern is open or dense. The best choice of racket may also vary depending on your age.

For beginners

You should play with a racket that’s fairly light and easy to handle if you’re a beginner. Opt for a racket weighing about 285 grams (between nine and 10 ounces) and with an oversized head measuring at least 645 square cm (100 square inches). Make sure the beam width (thickness of the frame) is about 2.5 cm (one inch). This will give you both more power and better contact with

4 things to consider when buying a badminton racket

There are no strict rules when it comes to finding a soulmate, and the same applies when you’re looking for the right badminton racket. Choosing a racket is extremely personal, but to really boost your game you must be able to identify your needs and your style of play.

1. What is my type?

Badminton rackets are divided into three types:

  • Aluminum rackets are often used by beginners who play badminton as a hobby to stay in shape. They’re solid but not suitable for competition.
  • Aluminum-graphite rackets are suitable for intermediate players and are particularly light and easy to handle.
  • Graphite rackets are generally used by high-level players.

2. Weight is important

To help you understand the equipment that’s available, you must first analyze the power of your swing. If the acceleration force is low, you’re most probably looking for more power, which you can get with a heavier racket. This may be the case for beginners who need more strength.

If you build good acceleration at impact, you need a badminton racket that increases the accuracy of your shots and gives you a better feel. You will most likely enjoy a lighter racket.

3. A rigid or flexible shaft?

Manufacturers offer badminton rackets with shafts that run

Pro tips for picking training clothes and shoes

Many people choose their training clothes and shoes based on look. Discover why comfort and fit matter more.

The training outfits you wear have a direct bearing on your workout performance, so it’s necessary to make an informed decision when making a choice. You should consider the type of fabric when making your purchase since some exercises require specific clothing and footwear. Popular exercises such as running and walking require comfortable shoes that cushion your feet from the impact of movement. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of new designs capable of enhancing both performance and comfort.
Selecting the ideal training shoes

Using the wrong trainers can lead to aching heels and shin splints, so you need to pay particular attention to the type of training shoes you choose. Podiatrists claim that up to 65 per cent of people who buy trainers make a wrong choice, choosing shoes that fail to match their intended use and foot type.

It’s necessary to arm yourself with the basic knowledge about your specific needs. For instance, high-arched feet do not provide sufficient shock absorbing characteristics, thus require neutral or cushioned shoes. Normal feet generally absorb shock much better and are well suited to shoes with fewer

Choosing the right sized soccer ball

Are you or your child thinking about joining a soccer league this year? Before you join the millions of soccer fans around the world, you need to buy a soccer ball. But it can’t be just any old ball, it has to be appropriate for your size or age. Keep in mind that a bigger ball means a bigger shock if it misses its target and hits you. Plus, for toddlers it’s easier to control a smaller ball.

Most recreational soccer leagues require kids to bring their own balls to practice sessions. You need to know what soccer ball to choose for your child’s size.

What soccer ball size to choose?

Follow these recommendations:

  • Choose a size 3 for future soccer stars under 10 years old
  • Choose a size 4 ball for players between 10 and 13 years old
  • Buy a size 5 ball for teens aged 13 and up and for adults

Which material is best?

Select a ball that’s made of a material suited to your kind of play. Here are some tips.

  • Rubber is affordable and durable. It’s suitable for amateur soccer players.
  • Leather, the traditional material, is more expensive. It absorbs water and can become heavy.
  • Polyurethane is durable and has good water-repellent properties. Many

9 key features to look for when you buy a fitness tracker

With more people leading healthier lifestyles, the use of fitness trackers is on the rise. Which one is best for you? Here are nine key features to look for in the quest to be fit.
As fitness bands and activity trackers have become more popular, it can be tough to know which styles will put you at the top of your game. Here are nine key features to lookfor in a fitness tracker to help you get in shape with ease.

Nine key fitness tracker features

Choosing a fitness tracker is all about the features you want to have. Look for these options:

  1. Distance tracker: Any fitness tracker will log your steps and distance over a workout. Higher-end fitness bands offer distance tracking over larger periods of times to assess your fitness progression.
  2. Calorie tracker: Most fitness bands will track the number of calories you burn to let you know the precise outcome of your workouts. Some fitness bands also have calorie intake and weight trackers. These allow you to input your food intake and weigh calories burned against calories eaten.
  3. Heart rate monitor: The heart rate monitor allows you to gauge and control the intensity of your workout.
  4. Sleep tracking: Sleep tracking allows