Healthy Snacks For Kids To Keep Them Fit

Children often play a lot and never seem to lose energy throughout the entire day. Most of them will surely need carbohydrates and protein in order to sustain their daily energy needs. If not, they will manifest different kinds of signs of being unhealthy. Children with less carbohydrate intake will feel tired all the time, they become sleepy, and they become inattentive at school.

Parents who want to take good care of their children should serve them healthy food. Most parents usually let their children decide which food to eat by giving them money to buy food at the cafeteria. But, that should not be the case. Any parent who wants their child to be healthy should be ready to prepare healthy food every day. Also, some parents who are too busy to prepare meals everyday consider meal delivery services that can save the time.

In the UK alone and according to the Food Standards Agency, 9 out of 10 packed lunches contain food that is high in sugar, salt, and preservatives and not enough fruit and vegetables. Parents should be aware that high amounts of sugar can lead to early diabetes and salt can lead to an early form of hypertension to children. More and more young people are experiencing the early signs of these diseases all because they were fed with these type of food early in their lives. As a concerned parent, you should be able to take control of the kitchen and be ready to serve them the food that they need in order for the children to grow up healthy and be incorporated with good eating and lifestyle habits.

Use Wholegrain

Use wholegrain or wholemeal bread when you serve your children with bread, bagels, or raisin bread. Wholegrain has complex carbohydrates that are digestible and are very good for those who want sustained energy throughout the day. Pack pasta or rice salads for your children instead of the usual sandwich. Use less butter or mayonnaise when serving sandwiches and choose low fat meat instead of the usual ones.

Add Fruits

To provide your children a meal that is good to look at and healthy as well, add portions of fruits in to the packed lunch or meal that you serve them. Dont just stick to the usual fruits. Perk up their interest by introducing new fruits or fruits that are in season. Avocados and grapes or even slices of melon are new to kids who usually get the apples and pears. You can even give them all by packing a fruit salad for them.

Juice And Sweets

Of course, your children will always ask you if you have packed something sweet. Do not disappoint them by saying no. Instead, pack them a lunch with some unsweetened juice or fruit smoothies. You can replace cakes and chocolates with fruit bread or cereal bars that are way healthier for their diet than the commercial ones. You can also use fruit yogurt or yogurt drinks to serve their appetite for something sweet in a healthy way.

Healthy Breakfast

Serve a healthy breakfast by providing them with plant food that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for brain development. Children are very easy to manage when it comes to providing food for them. You can serve them a healthy dose of breakfast by having the usual waffles and milk but with flaxseed into the mix. Replace a quarter of a cup of flour with ground flaxseed to boost the healthy goodness of their breakfast.

Meat and Protein

During lunch, be playful with the food that you serve. The all time favorite meatball spaghetti can turn into a healthy meal by using grass fed ground beef and whole wheat spaghetti. Bake the meatballs instead of frying them. This releases the flavor and is a much healthier way of cooking food. Chicken is another substitute for lunch meals. Coat chicken with whole wheat flour and oven fry them.

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