4 stylish ways to keep the sun out of your eyes during a tennis match

Outdoor tennis can be a challenge because of wind, rain, and sun. If you want a fashionable and effective way of shielding your eyes from the sun while you play, check out the list of ideas below.
Sports cap

One of the most traditional and popular sun-screening methods for tennis players is a simple sports cap.
Originally created for baseball, today, sports caps are made for a range of sports.
There are hats for tennis that can keep the sun off of the face and also help reduce the amount of moisture from the scalp.

Sun visor

Sun visors simply have a visor to block out the sun with a Velcro strap to wrap around your head.
Sun visors are one of the best options for tennis players, since they allow your head to stay cool while still shielding your eyes.
Without a top, visors allow your head to sweat and breathe, and don’t trap heat that comes out of your scalp.


Sunglasses are another great way to keep sun out of the eyes during tennis matches.
In the past, many players complained that traditional sunglasses obscured their vision of the ball and hindered their playing.
Look out for special sunglasses developed for tennis today that help enhance the colour of the ball while blocking out the sun, thus improving vision and play.

Aussie tennis hat

For a look that is more traditional and classic than sporty, try an Aussie Tennis Hat. The Aussie Tennis hat is a full brimmed, floppy hat that protects the entire head and face from sun.
Aussie tennis hats are usually fitted with an elastic or terry cloth headband around the brim so they stay in place, and many companies make them out of mesh to allow heads to breathe in the heat.
The Aussie Tennis Hat is a great way to hearken back to the olden days of tennis while ensuring your game stays excellent in the sun.

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