5 items tennis players need

Five items all tennis players need in their tennis bags

Whether you are heading out for a quick game with friends or have a match against a ranked opponent, be sure you are prepared with the right equipment. While you’ll always need your racket and shoes, you’ll also want to have these five items all tennis players need in their bags.

1. Multiple rackets

How many times have we seen a player on television break a string from too much spin or from a temper tantrum? Luckily for these players, they’re always prepared with multiple rackets. While it is unlikely that you’ll ever be playing in a packed stadium, it is always a good idea to have at least two rackets with you. The second racket does not have to be as good or expensive as your primary one; however, it should be a racket that you have spent time using.
2. Hydration

Never assume that your neighbourhood court will have a water fountain. As a result, always bring at least two bottles of chilled water and a banana or similar snack that is high in potassium. If planning to play for a while, consider using an electrolyte-infused sports drink. Not only will this help prevent muscle cramps, but it will also give you the stamina to go deep into games.
3. Grips

While every racket contains a grip, it can be difficult to hold once you begin to perspire. In addition, an over grip helps provide additional stability and control to the person using the racket. Given how easy it is to perspire during a game, it is important to bring extra grips that can be wrapped around the racket in a matter of seconds.
4. Tools to battle the sun

Be sure to apply sunscreen every hour. To protect your face and eyes from the elements and not be blinded by the sun, you should also have polarized sunglasses and a hat. Consider investing in clothing that wicks perspiration from the body.
5. Extra clothing

While it may not seem like a big deal, a sweaty shirt could be the difference between a match point victory and a loss. Because being comfortable is crucial, always have an extra shirt and possibly shorts in your tennis bag. In addition, a towel is great for keeping the perspiration out of your eyes and as a cushion to protect the seats in your car after the match is over.

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