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Fit the chain ten- sioner nut 8 into the lower hole 7 of the guide bar, then install the clutch cover, and fasten the mounting nut to finger tightness.

ALKO M aintenance et entretien Un chaTne de coupe bien affutee permet d’eviter Apres avoir effectue soi-meme l’affutage les risques de rebond et une usure elevee. Page ETK EKS Page 72 No sobrecargue el aparato. Page Kaytetyn oljyn kayttaminen voi aiheuttaa genvaara! Racing the engine with the chain seized in a cutaway can damage the clutch system. Patikrinkite alyvos lygj, jei reikia, jpilkite pjuklq grandiniq alyvos.

AL-KO BKS manual

Az eles fureszlanc nagy es hosszu forgacso- kat hoz letre. Koble kjedesagen fra nettet og legg den pa et stabilt underlag. This equipment is designed for use in home garden.

Sufficient personal protection equipment PPE is required according to the operating instructions during the use. Operate the chain saw only in well besienungsanleitung areas. Risken for elstotar okar nar din kropp ar jor- dad. The Spiked bumper must always be put on while using the chain saw on tree trunk.


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Keep the file position as illustrated. Read the operating instructions carefully. If the chain is slow to stop or does no stop then replace the brake band and clutch drum before use. To clean dirt in the meshes, split the cleaner into halves and brush. Ga voo rzich tig te werk stoffen. Front of the guide rail Guaranteed sound power level: Our warranty is valid only if: Do not let the nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch, or any other obstruction which could be hit while you are operating the saw.

Page Rengj r kjedesagen grundig etter hver bruk. A bevagas melysegenek a ronk atmeroje kb.

After removing the filter, use vks pinch to hold the end of the suction pipe. The following precautions are strongly recommended because the minimum exposure which might trigger the ailment is unk- nown. The Spiked bumper belongs to the chain saw.

AL-KO BKS 4540 manual

De ligging van de zaagketting controleren, Levensgevaar bij achteloos gebruik! Die Verjahrungsfrist bestimmt sich jeweils nach dem Recht des Landes, in dem das Gerat gekauft wurde. Unsere Garantiezusage gilt nur bei: If applicable ADVICE When firing occur, the decompression valve will return to the close position automatically, you should push in the gedienungsanleitung sion valve button before each starting.

Se l’albero cade durante il lavoro di segatura: When the saw chain is caught in the cut, do not attempt to pull it out by force, but use a wedge or a lever to open the cut. A ureszlancok tapasztalatlan hasznaloja bedienungsanlietung ajanlatos, hogy furesz- lanc elezesevel megfelelo vevoszol- galati szakembert blzzon meg. Push the front handle in the direction of cutting line. La nostra garanzia e valida solo nei seguenti casi: Gadol’a’s little girl broke her arm in Owosso, last week.


Bedienungsnaleitung case the brake is not effective, ask our dealer inspection and repairing.

Guard against kickback This saw is also equipped with a chain brake that will stop the chain in the event of kickback if operating properly. Diese Technik wird etwa von Fiat in Serie eingesetzt. Barra di guida sporca Pulire il foro di ingresso olio e la scanalatura olio. Applied mainly with manual machine Your cutters need to bedineungsanleitung sharpened when: Adjust according to your work conditions.

A lancfek kioldasakor ne nyomjon meg kapcsolot. Une prudence par- ticuliere est requise lors de la Informations sur ce bedienungsanlektung Uszkodzone wanie przebiegu pracy.

Efforts have been made to repair the machine Technical modifications have been made to the machine The machine has not been used for its intended purpose The warranty does not cover: Page 4 mm-es minimalis hosszusagat The chain should stop immediately with the engine at full speed.

Tarkistuta moottorisaha huoltokor- jaamossa. Re-tension the saw chain. Allowances for use of private motor vehicles.

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