The Four Principles by Shaikh al-Islaam Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahaab. Lesson in the Fundamentals of Islamic Monotheism (tawheed). This is an explanation of, ‘al-Qawaaid al-‘Arba’a’ written by Shaikhul-Islam, al- Mujaddid (the reviver), Muhammad ibn. Abdul Wahhab (rahimahullah). القواعد الأربعة The Arabic Text (Written) The following is an Arabic text with large writing: AlQawaidul Arba’a (biharakaat) The English.

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It covers and includes everything that is associated along with Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, qwaaid as the angels, the prophets, the righteous, the awiiyaa, stones and trees.

It is not the waseelah which Allaah has legislated since Allaah has never made shirk a waseelah to Him rather shirk cause separation from Allaah “Verily, whosoever sets up partners in worship with Allaah, qawakd Allaah has forbidden Paradise for him, and the Fire will be his abode. So whoever is pleased then he has pleasure from Allaah and whoever is displeased has His displeasure.

Full text of “Qawaid al Arba English Four Fundamental Principles of Shirk (Brief)”

Intercession has conditions and limits, it is not unrestricted and it is of two types: Part 6 “And all that they are doing is in vain. Saleh as SalehShaykh Uthaymeen. Wherever you are and wherever you turn, you will be accompanied by blessings. This is the condition of the animals. They claim that shirk is restricted to the worship of the idols alone. It is evident from the verse [al-Israa’ This is because many people have strayed in these two matters.

And the Shaikh may Allaah have mercy on him has not mentioned these principles form his own self or his own thoughts as many of those who have gone astray do.

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Salafi AudioFour Principles of Shirk. So they said to Musaa may Allaah’s peace and blessings be upon him”Make for us a god as they have gods. So when shirk enters into worship it corrupts it just like an impurity invalidates purification.


Part 5 ” And they worship besides Allaah things that hurt them not, nor profit them, and they say: However, as for the believing slave, whenever he commits a sin he rushes to seek forgiveness.

November 6, By AbdurRahman. As for shirk they say, ‘It is to believe that someone creates or sustains alongside Allaah.

In it he says that he extends his hand to the sea, carries all of the ship and delivers it to the shore and not even a drop of water touches his sleeves and other things from their lies and superstitions. TEXT The first principle is that you know the kuffaar, whom the Messenger saws fought, used to qwaaid that Allaah, the Most High, was the Creator and the Disposer of arab the affairs but that did not enter them into Islaam and the proof is His, the Most High’s, saying, “Say: It is not permissible to worship them, since they are all slaves of Allaah, poor in front of Him.

Qawaid al Arba Archives – The Salafi Centre of Manchester

This is from rejection and an admonition to the intelligence to return to guidance, for verily these are only rocks and trees which do not contain any benefit or harm, rather they are created.

And I ask that He make you from those who when they are given, are thankful; when they are tested, are patient; and when they sin, seek forgiveness from Allaah. Rather, they are required to be established on their deen and to be patient upon whatever they undergo from difficulties along the course of the tribulations. His saying, “They used to call it Xl Anwaat’. The people used to worship it besides Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, and it belonged to Thaqeef a tribe and their relateded tribes and they used to take pride in it.

Tawheed ar-rububiyyah is the affirmation that Allaah is the Creator, the Sustainer, atba One who gives life, the One who gives death, the Disposer of all the affairs.


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From Abu Waaqid al-Laythee may Allaah be pleased with him – he was amongst those who accepted Islaam after during the year of Conquest, eight years after the Hijrah. As for al-Uzza, it was in the form of a tree in a palm growth between Makkah and Taa’if.

All Praise is due to Allaah, may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his Companions. Amazing stories are narrated about certain incidents that happen to them when they are in the sea, such that when matters become difficult for them they shout out the names of the awliyaa and the righteous and they seek aid from them besides Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic.

The one who benefits from worship is the worshipper himself, as for Allaah, the Mighty and Most High, then He is in no need of His creation. And we find that some of the educationalists are upon the affirmation of tawheed ar-rububiyyah only. Allaah, the Mighty and Most High, tests His slaves with calamities, adversities, enemies from the disbelievers and hypocrites.

For verily, those are the three signs of happiness. And the Shaikh has mentioned the proof for the fact that the mushrikeen of our times are more severe and worse in their shirk than those who came before, because they used to make their deen sincerely for Allaah during times of difficulty and commit shirk during times of ease, and he concluded that from His, the Most High’s, saying, “And when they embark on a ship, they invoke Allaah, making their Faith purely for Him.

His saying, “And the proof that the angels

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