In an antique land The cover proclaims IAAL “History in the guise of a traveller’s tale,” and the multi-generic book moves back and forth between Ghosh’s. Once upon a time an Indian writer named Amitav Ghosh set out to find an Indian slave, name unknown, who some seven hundred years before had traveled to. In An Antique Land is written by the anthropologist, Amitav Ghosh and the publishers marketed it as ‘..a subversive history in the guise of a.

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The building was destined to last until a good seven hundred years after Ben Yiju’s lifetime; it was still standing late into the nineteenth century.

I was met at the door by his son Ahmed. It felt more like a book of loosely related short stories than a narrative. Ghosh’s closeness to the villagers gives life and color to his gradual discovery of their customs, history and culture.

The greatest achievement of the Ben Ezra congregation, however, was the product of largely fortuitous circumstances. He is bombarded by questions about those “Hindookis” burning their dead and worshiping cows and about circumcision and body hair. The importance of archiving which enable us to know about cultures and roots and what all of ancestor made Point 2: I said the conventional words of consolation and then tried to add something of my own.

Their doctors, for example, studied Hippocrates and Galen in Arabic translation, as well as the medical writings of Arab physicians and scholars, such as Ibn Rushd Averroes and al-Razi.

Ghosh is lectured time and time again about the primitive practices of his people who follow no prophet mentioned in the Koran and he takes it all with the humility of his calling. You will see then how much better Islam is than this “Hinduki” of yours. If they were captured and [their captors] wanted to kill them all, they did not resist. Even for those who are Egyptian or who have lived in this country for some time, the book relays the excitement of discovering something new.


In an Antique Land: History in the Guise of a Traveler’s Tale by Amitav Ghosh

He looked very much like the photograph Shaikh Musa carried in his wallet: Firstly when I start in reading I was so feared because this is the first time to read in English so I fear to misunderstand or don’t get the main idea for this novel ,so I began it in slowly steps but suddenly I felt in love with this novel I really appreciate this kind of travelers novel I think it have a lot of informationknowledge ,experience, history ,tradition and excitement. I’m telling you, and you pay attention, let the electricity come to Lataifa as the government’s promised, and you’ll be able to watch the biggest and best TV set you’ve ever seen, right here, in this room, God willing.

Too bad, because some part of it was interesting, but really, do we need a biography of everyone who came near the documents but failed to discover them?

Truly a shame because his research on the Indian slave of a Jewish Egyptian merchant held great promise initially but eventually fell victim to academic circumlocution. Shaikh Musa spoke of him often, and with something more than the usual warmth of a father remembering a son long absent. The address, written on the back of the letter, shows that Ben Yiju was then living in Mangalore — a port on the south-western coast of India.

The ‘Palestinian’ congregation followed the rites of the school of Jerusalem, and despite its name, it included the indigenous Jews of Egypt.

In an Antique Land: History in the Guise of a Traveler’s Tale

There would be no feud, even though it was true that the man called the Sparrow had died. The two of them were of the same age after all, in their mid- fifties; they had grown up together, and Shaikh Musa probably knew him as well as anyone in the hamlet. The author of five non-fiction books… More about Amitav Ghosh. Like Egypt, Cairo dwindles into a thin ribbon of settlements at its southern extremity; towards the north it gradually broadens, like the country itself, into a wide, densely populated funnel.

I found this book rather underwhelming. The meal that was set out on the tray in front of us was a very good one: People find him for me’, he is known to have commented that it was typical of Egyptians to expect to have somebody else look for their loves.


When the meal was finished and the trays had been cleared away, the men would wash and change and make their way to the mosque, talking, laughing, replete with a sense of well-being which the day’s denials had made multiply sweet. I overheard Shaikh Musa saying a few words to her and, detecting a note of familiarity in his voice, I attributed it amtiav his special closeness to his younger son. The collection contains about a hundred and forty thousand fragments and is the largest single store of Geniza material in the world.

The other two women were a good deal older, perhaps in their mid-twenties. In this book Ghosh plaits together three different stories: I only finished it as a matter of principle but I felt it was trying to teach me all the time and I struggled to get involved with the characters. Judaeo-Arabic, determinedly contrary, was not like either form of Arabic: I liked the Egyptian history and hearing antlque about their fellaheen customs.

His anfique was infectious; I found myself laughing with him. Yet it is worth allowing for the possibility that ghsh peaceful traditions of the oceanic trade may have been, in a quiet and inarticulate way, the product of a rare cultural choice — one that may have owed a great deal to the ah customs and beliefs of the Gujarati Jains and Vanias who played such an important part in it.

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His half-sister is her grandmother as well as Jabir’s. This is my first Amitav Ghosh book and I really didn’t know it was non fiction until I was 30 pages into it.

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