Sinhala New Year Litha. SinhalaNew Year Auspicious Times. avurudu nakath for sri lanka new year. Sinhala new year. “Avrudu” is an auspicious times app in New year festival in Sri Lanka. This app is in “Sinhalese”. Features: * Add to calendar. * Featured images. * Nakath. Sinhala Tamil Aluth Avurudu Litha. Sinhala New Year Litha. Tamil New Year Auspicious Times. Auspicious Time.

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Hope Yamu does this yearly. I do not sell any thing here. All I want is to live happily for another avutudu more years and die. I did it as a service using my knowledge in astrology and the computer programming. You are free to either accept it or reject it.

And subsequently answer to the questions from people every time they phone and to explain again and again why that paper says this and I am saying this, what is correct and what is not. Researching the Destiny of your Life Earlier I used to calculate all auspicious times individually for different countries and cities. Posted by indi 4 years ago. I do a day job and thank god, earn enough money to live comfortably.

Avurudu Free Download

Nimanthika Finally, a comprehensive and pleasing English litha! Following is an example how to use it: Nonagathaya starts at 1.

You will not see any payment buttons or PAID advertisements in this site. It is time consuming and Now I can not, my free times and hence my health is important to me. We review restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and more. Every thing in this web site is done by me.


A bar and restaurant that’s great for its ambiance if you live in Nawala.

I assure you this is genuine Astrology of East. W hat is Astrology? The elliptic path of the planetary bodies in the sky is marked by 12 constellations there is a thirteenth but that is separate matter.

SBS Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha 2015

If they do not publish what avutudu the advertisers send then they loose their income. Are you sure you want to to delete this comment?

You can not get this reading from any other place. So every body published one set of Auspicious times for Sri Lanka. We’ve tried their platters at office and they’re really good, and a great value. The timing of the Sinhala New Year coincides with the new year celebrations of many traditional calendars of South and Southeast Asia.

Now managed by some one else. What happened and when? There are good days and bad days, good times littha bad times find out those. If you’re interested in the astronomy of it all, you can use smartphone apps to actually track the sun as it moves.

The Difference between Hindu and Western Astrology During this time Sri Lankans are, according to tradition, encouraged to refrain from material pursuits, and engage solely in either religious activities or traditional games. Select From Time Zone: Suppose you go and stand in a few different spots in the globe, say New York or Melbourne or Moscow or even at Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Restaurants Cuisine Dish Types Facilities.


Happiness is important, Running after superficial things is waste of time. That’s obviously not binding for employers or employees. If you’re interested in advertising on our website or video channel please contact us via the email given below.

I have a Science Degree which I got by honest hard studies in avuudu and half years in the Uni that is enough education and title for me. I just wonder what is correct and what is wrong?

Astrologers may claim that it does not matter because astrology deals with the interaction between the planets and their effect on you. If you do a honest job according to best of the ability sooner or later your efforts will be appreciated, if not, that also does not matter. These papers publish liitha because they have commercial interests. Click stars to rate this APP!

Avurudu Litha 2014 Infographic (Auspicious Times)

You are free to use it if you trust me. At that time even 12years ago there were no Sinhala news papers in Melbourne.

It marks the end of the harvest season and also coincides with one of two instances when the sun is directly above Sri Lanka. We hope you and your loved ones have a very blessed and prosperous New Year.

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