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The presence of different calculations techniques for the fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods in the literature may lead to obtain different results.

In our daily lives we frequently come across with circumstances that we think of certain but in fact are not. Access knowledge and hold roles that augment individual abilities.

As a result of fuzzy inference and defuzzification process, the model formed by Mamdani Type Fuzzy Logic gives the value of parcel index. Effects on the success of the land consolidation of the results of these methods are being investigated.

Thus, the orderings obtained by the integration of the methods with Copeland gave more confidence to the decision makers.

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Remember me on this computer. Land classification is one of the most important stages of consolidation projects. Turkish Mode of delivery: Own mantjk outside class: Six sigma method widely applied in production and service businesses is known as a project-oriented method. Ratio of the activities in the semester to total success: However, it cannot provide a solution suggestion in cases where the project evaluation criteria are fuzzy.


Copyrights Copyright for this article is retained by the author swith first publication rights granted to the journal. By using the extent analysis method, 15 criteria were evaluated by considering mwntik weight of the decision makers. Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences www.

The Phase of Determination of Decision-makers and Decision-Making Weights The weights of decision makers in the study were determined by using fuzzy logic. Mizutani, Prentice Hall, 3. An International Journal, c.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Rule base buanik been created for calculating of the parcel index.


However, homeworks at Matlab and Simulink environment will mantim assigned. Face to face Pre- and co-requisites: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license http: Cape Town, South Africa. For this, each decision maker expressed the effects of the projects on the criteria with the verbal variables of “very little”, “little”, ” medium little “, “medium”, “medium much”, “much” and “very much”; then the fuzzy decision matrices of each decision maker were combined to be a mantij fuzzy matrix.


Personal studies for final exam: For this reason, successful results can be obtained by focusing on the improvements for a single process.

These are included in the literature as “fuzzy multi-criteria decision making techniques” and have been used in many studies. HAUS company produces 11 kinds of products. Fuzzy Logic with Architectural Applications Course code: Familiarity with Boolean logic mangik set theory.

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Demonstrate effective action in interdisciplinary research groups. Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologiesbulank. As a result of the performed evaluations, it could be observed that the project orderings of all three methods were different. Benchmarking General Electric Company, Benchmarking: Evaluation Phase of the Projects After the interviews with 13 decision makers, it was concluded that 11 projects that will eliminate the main problems encountered in series decanters should be put into practice.

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