Choose the right running shoe to avoid injury

Choose the right running shoe to avoid injury

Injuries can plague both experienced runners and novices, but choosing the right running shoe can help. Each person runs differently, and not all running shoes are created equal, so do some research about how you run so you can pick the best pair.
Types of runners

Runners fall into three main categories when it comes to distributing weight from the heel of the foot to the toes: over-pronation, supination, and neutral pronation. Over-pronation refers to runners whose feet roll inward usually due to weak arch support, while supination refers to runners whose feet roll outward, and neutral pronation means the weight remains equally distributed from back to front.

If you’re not entirely sure which category you fall into, there are some at-home tips to discover your running style. Examine your current running shoes to see how the tread has worn down over several months. A well-worn pair of running shoes will reveal if you tend to run on the inside, outside, or centre of your foot.

Another way is to have a friend or family member watch you walk barefoot in a straight line to see how you distribute your weight. If neither of these methods leaves you with a definitive answer, you can always find a running shoe expert at any local athletic or shoe store. These trained professionals should watch you walk, examine your current running shoe, and help you determine your running style.
Choosing a shoe: neutral pronation

Runners with neutral pronation don’t need a running shoe with many bells and whistles. A running shoe with standard cushioning and support in a relatively lightweight shoe will do the trick, since these runners don’t over-distribute weight to one area of the foot. They simply need a shoe that’s comfortable and provides a medium amount of padding to protect the joints from harder surfaces.
Choosing a shoe: those who over pronate

If runners over-pronate, they will want to find a shoe that provides a greater deal of support and cushioning in order to stabilize their feet and prevent them from rolling too far in.
Choosing a shoe: runners who supinate

If runners supinate, they will want to find a lighter weight shoe that also offers stability to keep their feet from rolling too far out and causing injury.

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