A new book on the Classical Sicilian by Yermolinsky is out. This is a new series called Chess Explained. Did someone read this book?. Gambit Chess publication: Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian – Alex Yermolinsky. Classical Sicilian, 2nd Edition; Anthony Kosten; ChessBase CD Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian; Alex Yermolinsky; pages;.

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The Finegold defence features This objectivity extends to Yermo’s evaluation of individual lines where it is clear that he feels the Richter-Rauzer is White’s most testing response.

Rd7 in most lines. This is consistent with his view that the Rauzer is the most dangerous anti-Classical variation. That is both original and quite promising.

The Week in Chess

Qxd4 g6 yetmolinsky covered, which according to the game Ehlvest – Kotsur, Istanbul is playable, black has a nice type of Dragon, if that’s your sort of thing. To introduce the opening, he begins with a discussion of practical and psychological yermolinnsky of the Morra, the argument being that White benefits from its attacking nature.

It has been said that chess players are good at two things, Chess and Excuses. Chess Explained is a new series of books about chess openings.

ChessPub Forum – Chess Explained – The Classical Sicilian

Can this book teach you enough to play the Black side of this opening? This is something I talked about at length in my two earlier strategy books for the same publisher; in fact, it has become a popular topic that classixal been written about in many books and articles, employing the very same examples that I used.

Be7 which Langrock likes for Blackor try His credentials as a teacher are no less impressive. The Classical Sicilian is one of the most popular and respected systems of the Sicilian, and has been used frequently by players such as Anand, Kramnik and Shirov. Qe2 b5 9 Bb3 Nbd7 again, this delays Many thanks for your overview, it was very instructive!


We’re open for you Open from Monday to Saturday. For this I apologize. As I confirm there, Eingorn had a strong hand in developing theory with all of these seemingly unusual moves.

He offers multitudinous games and indicates which specific lines he thinks are good and bad. Both authors are unafraid to back lesser-known moves, for example, 6 Bc4 Qb6 7 Ndb5 Bg4!? There is a lot more prose than variations, this is true, but to call it “explanation of plans”, not sure.

The Classical Sicilian

The Modern Game of Chess [e. I think that Langrock could have tried to address these, if only briefly, since he has pages available. He doesn’t hide the fact that in many lines Black is looking for improvements. Discussion forum for ChessPublishing. Das klassische Sizilianisch ist ein beliebtes System der sizilianischen Verteidigung, Es wird u.

There is always something to learn from someone like Yermolinsky, who has played the opening his entire life. Qb6 but glancing at the interesting The format chosen by Gambit for its calssical book series ‘Chess Explained’ provides for a deeper and more personalized coverage of opening ideas.

We are open on Since this isn’t an opening monograph in the conventional sense, I have broken the cardinal rule of citing every source at the end of each variation. Ra7using his own games and analysis to conclude that Black is ‘OK from a theoretical point of view’, with sharp play and chances for both sides. The idea of collecting a large amount of material and dumping it on the poor reader somehow never appealed to me.

This is not to say that the issue is closed, of course, and I suspect that he can do better. Read about 20 years of TWIC.

Account Options Sign in. The s saw interest developing in an alternative plan for White which also ruled out the Dragon and the Boleslavky: I guess that it is the Richter-Rauser that puts many players off playing the Classical. Qb6 and specifically recommends that move. Nevertheless, there are perhaps a few useful ideas from books that old codgers like me grew up with, for example, Ken Smith’s books from Chess Digest going sicolian to and revised for many years thereafter ; after all, much of the world calls 3 c3 the ‘Smith-Morrra Gambit’ as a result of these works.


In order to win you must dare to fail! This is a new series called Chess Explained. With kind permission of the author John Elburg www. Here’s a review from IM John Donaldson: Instead, I say that 13…g6! He concentrates upon variations in sjcilian Black plays This is apparent in the first game.

The Classical Sicilian – Sicilian Opening – openings – Books/​Media – Schachversand Niggemann

Which are very scarce for the Classical Sicilian. Here are the Chapter titles and sample sections names: In the s Boleslavsky demonstrated in some influential games that 6 Be2 could equally well be answered by the dynamic This is a fun book, with easy-to-absorb opening ideas.

Later in the book, yeermolinsky a very convoluted and poorly-written section about move orders, they settle upon the order 6 Bc4 Nf6 7 a6 8 Qe2 b5 apparently slightly more accurate than Having said that, Yermolinsky doesn’t paper things over: Can the average player adopt this opening without going into hibernation for a year?

Since this still happens to be an opening book, my choice went for shorter games or at least ones that were basically decided before the endgame was reached. His emphasis is on characteristic themes with occasional philosophic excursions.

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