Herod Agrippa was a schoolmate of Claudius and was liked by unwittingly manipulated by his adulterous wife Messalina. Buy a cheap copy of Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina book by Robert Graves. Picking up where the extraordinarily interesting I, Claudius ends. Complete summary of Robert Graves’ Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Claudius the God and.

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BRITAIN lies in the northerly position, but the climate, though very damp, is not nearly so cold as one would expect; if properly drained the wlfe could be made extremely fruitful.

One expects all gates to open and all walls to fall flat and all voices to shout for joy.

Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina

Graves translated Suetonius before writing the novels. Still, a fun and interesting account from the human side of Claudius. All Aboard the Timesphere. Early in his tenure, wive see him coming to terms with having to fight back hard against his enemies.

Bottom line, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as “I, Claudius,” but still I recommend the book to people who like to read historical This second book was not quite as good as the first, “I, Claudius. Then they get sloppy and Columbo in his wrinkled raincoat is ready to pounce. Apart from a brief spell back in France, hls spent the rest of the war in England.

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Good-Bye to All That: Feb 20, Luke Peterson rated it liked it Recommends it for: Buy the selected items together This item: However, Graves wrote a lot ckaudius books and there are other books about Claudius out there. Silverio noted that several long passages of the novel The Manchurian Candidate seemed to be adapted from Robert Graves’ novel. As Emperors go, Claudius was not too bad and he was pretty good for Romebut a great humanitarian he flaudius not. I came to Claudius the God at a tough time of my life, and did a poor job of reading this book, rushing through it and having little recollection of chunks of the narration.


Return to Book Page. Meet Claudius, the bis of the murderous psychopath Livia, one of the most evil, historical characters I’ve yet yhe meet. Filming was abandoned messa,ina Oberon was injured in a serious motor car accident. See all reviews. In actually wielding a power he had never even approached in the first and dealing with the realities his office as emperor, his idealism and virtue become marred somewhat by personal flaws and severe mistakes in leadership.

Most of the book focuses on Augustus, Tiberius, and the last part on Caligula. Derek Jacobi performed two separate readings of the novel, both as abridged versions, one for Dove Audio and one for CSA Word There is a long section early in the novel that tells the story of Claudius’ friend Herod Agrippa, which I think was not necessary. His wife Messalina is an absolutely horrible person, but so are his other wives and just about every other important woman in both books. To me the first book was filled with story.

Good stands on its own as a good read, but a bit tedious and disappointing when viewed in the shadow of its older sibling. In he published his most commercially successful work, I, Claudius. The author’s multiple writing styles and Claudius’ questionable integrity did not help this reader to answer that question.

As a child tutored by a Greek philosopher, he bonded with a boy Herrod Agrippa, who always admonished him to trust no one. On being relieved of the “Olympian Mixture” Claudius is crushed and decides that the only way the Republic can be restored is by having a true mad monarch rather than the reign of a benevolent one.

Herod is in Rome when the assassination of Caligula happens and quickly is able to convince Claudius to accept being Emperor to avoid civil war. Through Claudius, Graves provided details of what happened behind the scenes of the Senate and the various Emperors that have reign during his life.

After reading these two Claudius books I was proven wrong. It is later revealed that Germanicus’ son Caligula was the instigator of the witchcraft.


Claudius the God: And His Wife Messalina (Robert Graves) — Christopher Fried

Claudius was the fourth Emperor of Rome r. Read more Read less. So I should have enjoyed it more, but I didn’t. Even Cercei in the Game of Thrones series isn’t this evil although she runs a close second I admit.

I mentioned it to my friend who IS amazingly smart and well-versed in pretty much everything and he suggested I might enjoy I, Claudius since it is fiction based on the 12 Caesars and more readable for me.

: Claudius the God: And His Wife Messalina (): Robert Graves: Books

I’ve used the word “depressing” multiple times in this review, and I think that sums up my thoughts on the book.

I, Claudius British novels Fictional depictions of Augustus in literature Books about Nero British historical novels British novels adapted into films Novel series Novels adapted into radio programs Novels adapted into television programs Novels by Robert Graves Novels set in ancient Rome Secret histories Cultural depictions of Claudius Cultural depictions of Messalina Cultural depictions of Poppaea Sabina Cultural depictions of Agrippina the Elder Cultural depictions of Agrippina the Younger Cultural depictions of Tiberius Fictional depictions of Caligula in literature Mariticide in fiction Hawthornden Prize-winning works.

Still, focusing on this element compliments the first book to create a fuller picture of the times, and most of what Graves seeks to include – such as the public works projects – do seem to have wire critical elements of Claudius’s reign. He repeatedly warned Claudius not to trust anyone, advice which the latter sadly did not heed thhe his own peril. May 28, Laysee rated it liked it.

During his prosperous reign, Augustus is plagued by personal losses as his favored heirs, MarcellusMarcus AgrippaGaius Caesar and Lucius Caesardie.

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