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Native Americans have generated the term two-spirited in order to point out the alternative genders which exceeds the prevalent Western gender forms.

The last part of the theoretical background of the dissertation turns to point out the functions and operations of social institutions on gender construction. In Sociological Theory, Vol.

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Increasing rate of women in the market made the inequality visible. The gendered aspect of our repeated actions and practices are proclaimed in this chapter. However, the existence of homosexuality was denied again to reembed the heteronormativity for the continuum of present society.

Interpreting Simone de Beauvoir s statement One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman, Butler asserts that becoming refers to gender s forming aspect, which is both a cultural construction imposed upon identity, and in a sense it is a process of constructing ourselves. It addresses the division of sex and gender to identify their different contexts.


They also commented on human sexuality with references to the Bible. The movement aimed to stop the official inequalities, such as political, economic and sexual rights. Besides depicting the first transsexual s inner world in the midst of heteropatriarchal society, the novel exemplifies the destruction of lema affirmation with regard to gendered social lemman and the historical period it takes place in.

Fena Halde Leman

Culture creates gendered stereotypes about individuals in a subtle way in order to make them components of the system, and to maintain and satisfy its ongoing structure. It takes different forms and cultural masks depending on the historical period and culture, so it holds peculiar codes of culture.

After the Renaissance, the 15 th and the 16 th centuries also encountered remarkable changes like Protestant Reformation. Hormones, Sex, and Gender.

Young men have to obtain semen from older men as a ritual to gain status and life force so homosexual acts are normative in the community.

Second, hormones play significant role in sex differentiation. The environment in which the individual lives has significant effect on not only on hormones but also on emotions, thoughts and behavior. The relationship was called pederasty in which the boy was educated, guided and loved by the man.

In Yale French Studies, No pp p. The 2 Amelia Jones. Frieze and Jacquelynne E. As a result of these changes, Renaissance was born. Kvam and Linda S. Gender is handled as an invention of the dominant ideology and as a category that is deconstructed by gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans- people.

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Whereas these people have had non-discriminatory social statuses in various cultures existing from ancient times to present, they are subject to discrimination and they have to struggle to call for their existence. It expects to be internalized in order to operate. Therefore, it is assigned based on the heteropatriarchal ideals. Namely, gender is assigned to the individual by culture. The internalization is actualized mainly through gender tool. Culture structures the data which a child uses to form gender-role stereotypes.

Even though women were outside the home now, patriarchal hierarchy was still yalde same. The body is inevitably located into the gender norm to exist. Renaissance was an intriguing era in which a definite awareness Gay, lesbian, bi- and trans- people s psychic disorders are conveyed by researches made on non-heteroseuals.

Circumstances such as adaptation process in childhood years, parental condition, social status, and experience affect and shape the differences. Homosexuality was defined as a deviant condition, and non-heterosexuals were diagnosed as abnormal or perverts especially at the first of the century.

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