Ferno 35A Cot by Ferno-Washington Inc is featured in the Omnia Global Model A Cot The Ferno® 35A Ambulance Cot provides exceptional value for. The Ferno 35A Ambulance Cot mobile transporter delivers multi-level convenience with 8 different height levels. This gurney offers roll-in loading and unloading. The Ferno A Mobile Transporter X-Frame Ambulance Cot provides exceptional value for x-frame users. Available in both factory new and excellent certified.

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You mattress should be 35s daily for tears, holes and cracks where flexed or folded. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. You probably need a new shank pin. A full range of options and accessories enhance patient care and help reduce situations that may lead to patient or operator injury.

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Ferno Model 35A V7 Parts |

Ambulance Stretcher wheels for Ferno – gerno Stryker. Black color looks good on all cots. You will basically receive a cot functioning as if you just purchased a new one fefno were taking it out of the box for the very first time. FernoFerno 35A. Skip to fernp content.


This is the lubricant recommended by Stryker. They are just too good to throw away. The cots weighs just 74 lbs and has a proven record of dependability by services all over the country. Compare with products costing twice as much.

Stylish maroon and grey color. Safety U-bar and hook holds the Mobile Transporter at the rear of the ambulance during unloading as undercarriage is lowered to the ground.

Stays on the metal for lasting protection.

Standard 18 X 72 size. Refurbished by skilled and knowledgeable technicians. Shank Pin, Tapered, Top Mount. Mounting hardware is avaiable but not included. This stretcher lubricant ACL in totally synthetic. You may also need bearings. We can cimbine your items to reduce shipping cost.

Shank Pin, Straight, Side Mount. Features X-frame undercarriage is easily raised or lowered by second EMT when loading or unloading 8 Bed Positions provide easy patient transfer from different surface levels when loading or unloading Foot-end lead handle, and side release handle Two loading heights One-hand swing-down sidearms Safety U-Bar and Hook to hold cot inside ambulance as undercarriage is ffrno or lowered Built-in shock frame Restraints and mattress available in orange and black.

Stryker has changed where and how to use this product a number of times. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Bearings for Wheel Fork Shank. This item consist of a reconditioned fork with new bearings and shank pin. Dual ratchet bar adjustment mechanism is simple to operate and permits eight levels of height adjustment.


As part of our in depth procedures, we disassemble sections of the cot in order to inspect, measure, and test various components to ensure they meet manufacturer specifications and then reassemble to those same specification. Lightest cot available with a pound kg load capacity, Sturdy X-frame gerno is easily raised by second EMT during loading.

Ferno 35A Lightweight Ambulance Cot

Tri Flow has a petroleum based carrier the liquid and when used on some plastics may have caused gumming up and softening of the plastic bearings.

35s nut, bolt, bushing, washer, rivet, bearing, and frrno checked to ensure that the stretcher is working according to manufacture specifications. Takes a little skill to install. Pull handle NOT included Mattress sold separately. Low foot-end lifting frame enables shorter EMTs to get better leverage when lifting the Mobile Transporter.

The cot is then certified to be in excellent working condition. Add to cart Details. Made from machined aluminum.

Bearings are properly adjusted for easy installation. This is the standard 5 inch wheel for Ferno.

Additional information Weight lbs.

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