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We face competition from other fruit, vegetable and shrimp producers located throughout the world and are subject to consumer product substitution. This summary does not contain all of the information that may be important to you.

Such increases could have a material adverse impact on our profitability. Future government policies or changes to existing policies may adversely affect the supply of, demand for, and prices of products we produce and distribute, restrict our ability to do business in our existing and target markets, reduce our access to water to irrigate our fields and otherwise adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results.

Due to the location of our fields, we rely heavily on one main highway in Peru, the Pan-American highway. Currently, there are no exchange controls or restrictions on remittances of profits, dividends and royalties in effect. Table of Contents Although the new Kuczynski administration espouses business friendly and open-market policies, we cannot assure you that it will maintain policies that stimulate economic growth and social stability.

We intend to continue to devote resources to sustainability formulxrio and collaborate with our retail partners and relevant organizations to improve and increase the availability of sustainably farmed produce and seafood.

Te recomiendo compensarlo con pagos futuros de tributos. Our strategy has driven our growth and financial success. For the same year, our yield per hectare for avocados was Our Board of Directors has formulwrio a policy of considering paying regular and special cash dividends.

If we fail to attract and retain the required number of independent directors, we may be subject to the delisting of our Ordinary Shares from the NYSE and subsequently from the LSE. Although we continue to seek alternative sources of water to minimize the risk of any disruption, the available water supply may be adversely affected by shortages or changes in governmental regulations that may reduce the available volumes of water to which we currently have access.

We operate through commercial offices in the United States, the Netherlands and China with a network of distribution centers throughout our markets.

Consequently, our fields experience a moderate dry climate and stable temperatures throughout the year. These policies could adversely and materially affect the Peruvian economy and our business. Additionally, the proximity of our fields to the Equator results in longer daylight hours, which also positively affects productivity. However, formilario assurances can be given even if we generate for,ulario portion our own power we will not also be affected by disruption or increased electricity costs.


The most common stress on our operating cash flow generation in past years has come from short-falls of working capital. We believe the continued increase in demand in the United States, particularly forumlario periods of low supply when prices tend to be higher, will be supplied by imported blueberries from Mexico and South America.

Tengo una consulta yo hice el pago del pero me equivoque al poner el ruc puse uno que no era que puedo hacer necesito ayuda urgente. Hola, Hice un pago facil por multacod.

Creo que lo mas wunat es que te comuniques con ellos, no cuesta nada hacer una llamada. While in the past we have been able to transport laborers from other parts of the country to our operations, such laborers may be unwilling to do so if there is availability of other labor in the areas in which they are located.

We cannot guarantee that we will be successful in leveraging our capabilities to compete favorably in China or any new market we enter or that we will be able to recoup our significant investments in our expansion projects into China and other new markets.

A decrease in the global consumption of blueberries, avocados and seafood products or a material increase in our production costs would substantially affect our revenues. The location of our shrimp producing ponds near the ocean and away from sources of pollutions such as large cities and heavy industry currently provides us with the clean fresh salt water we use in our seafood business.

Additionally, even if alternative supplies of shrimp food are found in the quality and quantity of our current supplier, such alternative supply may cost substantially more than what is provided by our current supplier, adversely affecting our profit margins.

Our results are seasonal, and any circumstance that adversely affects our business during high seasons would have a disproportionately significant effect on our annual results of operations and cash flows. Certain figures and some percentages included in this prospectus have vormulario subject to rounding adjustments. We cannot guarantee you that there will not be an introduction of sources of pollution that could affect our seafood business in a manner that could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and operating results.

Peru has experienced severe earthquakes in the past that have caused damage formulafio buildings and other infrastructure and have interrupted commerce.


Me equivoque en el código de tributo ¿Qué puedo Hacer?

Planting new fruit can take years before the plants will bear fruit that can be harvested. We finance our working capital and operating needs using a combination of our cash and cash equivalents balance, cash generated from operations, and as needed, the borrowings available from our credit agreements. Two separate complaints sunnat filed in connection with the aforementioned incidents and investigations are being conducted by the Regional Prosecutor of Sullana.

Given these risks and uncertainties, you are sujat not to place substantial weight or undue reliance on these forward-looking statements when making an investment decision. Our supply chain relies on the availability of dependable and efficient transportation and logistics services and infrastructure. As shown in the chart below, average U.

Changes in our production expenses have a major impact on our profitability. During the s and the early s, Peru experienced severe terrorist activity targeted against, among others, the government and the private sector.

As a company with less than U. If this Form is a post-effective amendment filed pursuant to Rule d under the Securities Act, check the following box and list the Securities Act registration statement number of the earlier effective registration statement for the same offering. We optimize our operations to supply products that are in high demand by consumers, which today include fresh produce such blueberries and avocados, as well as other produce such as tangerines, mangoes, grapes and peppers, as well as shrimp.

Inflation may not remain at these levels.

Me equivoque en el código de tributo ¿Qué puedo Hacer? – Noticiero del Contador

The legal address of Camposol Holding Plc. None of the Company, the Selling Shareholders nor the underwriters have taken any action to permit a public offering of our Ordinary Shares or the possession or distribution of this prospectus in any jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required. Leave this field empty. Within the produce growing and protein categories, Camposol is present in the fastest growing products.

Department of Justice or otherwise be found to be in violation of such laws, which may result in penalties, fodmulario and sanctions and in turn adversely affect our reputation, business, financial condition and operating results.

Solicitud de reconocimiento de pago con error – SUNAT. | Infotributaria Perú

Table of Contents Corporate Structure. These business units are supported by our international commercial platform, with commercial offices in the United States, Europe and China. Various diseases, pests and adverse weather conditions could affect quality and quantity of our agricultural and seafood products.

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