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GMW › Complete Document History General Specification for Electrical/ Electronic Components and Subsystems, Electromagnetic Compatibility Global. GMW, GMW and GMW (All three documents of specifications that apply to GMW EMC test The GMW EMC Test Plan (Appendix B). These requirements have “gone global” in the form of GM Worldwide (GMW) EMC .. GMW – Validation Acceptance Process (EMC Control Plan).

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Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. P by adding series gmd refer to B2. For data buses, this may mean splitting the capacitor value between devices. Nothing in this standard supercedes applicable laws and regulations. The Component EMC Test Plan also provides a mechanism for ongoing enhancements and improvements to the test methodology that improves vehicle level test correlation.

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Provide output voltage and current time domain measurements for power outputs and inputs. This document is one out of a series of three global EMC standards documents that specify EMC test and validation requirements. The hardware engineer should consult with the software team g,w selecting the best possible value for the pulse cycle time. Dynamic cycling required between asserted to non-asserted, back to asserted states during radiated immunity RF “on” exposure, verified using direct monitoring 3130 fiber optic system or using “loop back” method e.

C2, power input filter should provide 20 dB of attenuation at kHz using bulk storage electrolytic C[? Recommend lowest frequency possible to protect amplitude modulation AM band from switching harmonics. Input capacitance must be larger than output capacitance.

GMW 3103:2015

It describes all relevant test setups and procedures to verify the electromagnetic robustness of the design. Provide pads and space for capacitor s to ground on each trace located at the source end s.


Dirty If, after placing the capacitance, the waveform develops a non-linear hump refer to image on rightit may be necessary to current starve the power feed to the? Use SMD components with very short to no traces to fmw return plane. If these slew rates described above are not met, o Provisions for active control of the transition edges e.

3013 test modes and functional performance metrics shall be detailed in Table A3. A plated thru-hole on a printed circuit board to route a signal between layers. Also, provide justification for any omissions in testing for any of the DUT test modes listed. Initial EMC test results shall be studied and reviewed, and if not available, identify when review of test results can be done. Specify other special test arrangements that apply to this test.

HS or Digital traces or reset lines should be kept 2. In a design review the supplier shall demonstrate and give technical rationale for the following: This may reduce radiated emissions. List all individual pins, case discharge locations, discharge type, simulator voltages, discharge network type and a description of the pin signal. All non-electrical outputs to be monitored, including lamps, gauges, etc.

If it is found necessary to current starve a tri-state buffer, for example see Figure B1, also Figure B6it is 31103 that each of the inputs referenced to Gw also have provisions for the same current starving device. Actual gjw samples or physical mock-up for visual examination is desirable but not required.

The body of the gma should make reliable connection to the ground plane. All data must include a reference to the sample tested. Do not route traces on the ground planes. This reduces the stray capacitance between the power structure and ground structure and enhances the performance of the current starving device resistor, inductor, or ferrite bead.


If this motor is in a corrosive environment, 31103 as washer fluid, exposed to salt, etc. Design analysis and gw is a part of the design review. Direct monitoring using attachments leads to external monitoring devices shall not be included. Keep high speed lines within inner layers, placed between power and ground planes if possible. Multilayer boards are always recommended. Bonding of the negative battery lead to the ground plane. Ymw are required to be symmetrical to each other or balanced with little trace length.

Provide further description below as necessary: Pulse 1 is applicable even to battery lines due to assembly plant sequencing — no damage allowed. This will depend on both the hardware and the software. If signals are to be monitored via oscilloscopes, meters, etc.

Description of the test setup gmd equipment used. Connector pin assignment is 31103 when working with twisted harnessing.

Implementation of any of these lessons learned should be verified that they do not adversely affect performance of the DUT. The objectives of the Detailed Design Review should be to: The analog properties of the bus electrical signal e. The focus of this effort is primarily intended for the immunity testing modes radiated, conducted transients, and ESDbut specific mode s may also need to be identified for the radiated emissions testing as well. Keep provisions for connections at all 4 corners if possible.

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