This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. A. • Test frequencies – 10 kHz to 10 MHz. • Test signal level – 1 mV to 1 V rms. • % basic AUTO MANUAL DOWN UP. SELF. TEST The A operates over a frequency range of Hz to kHz ually or under HP-IB control. The HP A and HP A Multi-frequency LCR Meters, microprocessor- based impedance . Trigger: internal, external or manual. Measurement terminals.

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External DC Bias Circuits sheet 1 of manuql. Op- eration of any electrical instrument in such an environment constitutes a definite safety hazard. Optimum range for the sample value is automatically se- lected. Ds is D value of known reference sample for extremely low loss references, Ds is zero. Thus, the A is tailored as a stand alone test instrument which offers all test parameter inputs frequency and test voltage or 4725a without the help of ex- ternal equipment.

Semiconductor Device Measurement sheet 1 of 3. Turns instrument on and readies instrument for meas- urement. This is because Lo and Co are peculiar to the component measured.

If the STORE yp is not pressed, the memory mode operation is automatically deactivated after an elapse of five seconds display continues flashing and the instrument resumes normal measurements. These pushbuttons select ranging method for inductance, capa- citance, resistance or impedance measurements.

Display A and Display B functions.


These functions comprise the following primary tests: These push- buttons perform proper compensation for cancelling stray capacitance, re- sidual inductance, conductance, and resistance which is present when a test fixture or leads is connected to the UNKNOWN terminals- Before meas- urement is begun, the OPEN and SHORT button is pressed when the test fixture leads is terminated for the appropriate open and short condition, respectively, to automatically compen- sate the measured values for the effects of such residual parameters.


For such an’example, let’s look into the induct- ance and the loss of an inductive component at frequencies around its self-resonant fre- quency. On three digit display ranges in C, L, R and Z measurements, specified accuracy applies to the first through fourth significant digit data.

This representation is pos- sible by either of the series and parallel equivalents because both have identical im- pedances at the selected measurement fre- quency by properly establishing the values of the equivalent circuit elements. Note Offset control values for a particular test fixture and the reference value in deviation measurements are also stored in- the continuous memory.

Effect of Resonance In sample example.

Technical Support

Hpp A Option provides a stand- by battery for maintaining the volatile memory in event the instrument loses power. Out put measurement data from the A may include two or more spaces in the first part of each string, though each datastring should have only one space. This method, however, cannot be ho for inductance measurements on DUTs of from nH to 3yH when the test frequency is a special option frequency from 4MHz to Remove adhesive-backed trim strip T from sides at right and left front of instnjment.

Available measurement range ffiiy be restricted an error message is dis- played on unuseable ranges. Reactive factors in the resi- dual impedance have a greater effect on meas- urements at higher frequencies. If a forward current flows through P-N junction when test signal is at its peak voltage, a correct measurement result will not be obtained. Measurement readings of an inductor may thus differ widely depending on the test level and test frequency. In ordinary LCR measuring instruments, the measurement circuit Is set automatically or manually to a predetermined equivalent cir- cuit with respect to either the selected range or to the dissipation factor value of the sample.

The parallel loss of a capacitor will exhibit the opposite ten- dency.

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Figure C shows typical characteristics of LCR components. Initial Inspection Remove left -most manul blind cover from the rear panel. For use, the instru- ment stands are designed to be pulled towards the front of instrument. These specifications are the per- formance standards or limits against which the instrument is tested.


The test frequency display is switched, in turn.

Recall Reference Data 3 – Ranging operation has actuated a range on which the measurement can net be taken at the selected test frequency. As component measurement parameters L, C, R and D, etc.

Check that A trigger lamp manyal to flash. Free copies are available from all HP offices. Note 1 When a caoacltance greater than O. Next, pressing A or Dimensions: The dotted curve in the figure is a graph for a magnetic material which has a high hysteresis coefficient such as that of a ferrite core. Manual ranging is also feasible.

Full text of “HP: A Operating”

External DC Bias Circuits sheet 4 of 4. When test cables are used in high frequency measurements, the displayed test voltage may have lesser accuracy. The incremental errors calculated from the equations in the table for measurements at fre- quencies above IMHz are additive.

The bias voltage is set in three digits in three decade ranges as follows: The typical accuracies at frequen- cies above IMHz given in the table apply when a direct attachment type test fixture is used. For example, the wavelength of a lOMHz test signal is 30 meters which is 30 times as long as the Im standard test cables.

The prefix is the same for all identical instruments; it changes only when a change mannual made to the instrument. The relationship between the residual factors of the test fixture and meas- urement accuracies is graphically shown in Figure Hewlett-Packard recommends that you periodically request the latest edition of this supplement.

The sequential diagnostic test is repeated after the Display Test.

The ZERO offset adjustment procedure is as follows:

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