Sayyid Muhammad ibn Safdar Husayni, known as Sayyid Jamal-al-din Afghani or Sayyid Jamal –al-din Asadabadi was born in in Iran. Other primary documentation is found in N. R. Keddie, Sayyid Jamal ad-Din “al- Afghani”: A Political Biography, Berkeley, ) Life. Jamāl-al-dīn was born in. Sayyid Jamal al-Din Asadabadi () became renowned as “al-Afghani.” Born into a Turkic-speaking Shi`ite family in a small Azeri town near Hamadan.

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London, Chapman and Hall. Inat the request of the Afghan government, his remains were transferred to Kabul and a mausoleum was erected there.

He traveled a great deal.

Al-Afghani wrote a famous letter to the influential holy man Hajj Mirza Hasan Sirazi against the tobacco concession, and Sirazi eventually called for a boycott of tobacco. After losing hope, he tried his hand at jamaluxdin mahdi.

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani – Wikipedia

In a letter from his student Abduh it said: He was convinced that religion is the enemy of science, intellect and civilization. The Shah, who had made a number of concessions to British interests, grew alarmed at al-Afghani’s anti-British sentiments and saw to it that he was sent on his way to Russia in Religion is useful to keep the masses, who may gradually evolve toward jajaluddin rationalism but seem not destined fully to reach it, moral and obedient.


Hence, al-Afghani played Luther. He was invited by Abdulhamid II in However after expulsion of Azam Khan inhe had no way except to leave for Kabul to globalize his vision of pan Islamism and Modernism.

Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani

Sultan Hamid later described him as “a foolish British spy. He was one of the first to reintroduce the teaching of Muslim philosophy jammaluddin Egypt, and texts he owned on the subject often carry his annotations dating from his period of teaching them in Cairo.

Instead he talked about anti-imperialism and modernization and derided prophecy. For pages marked Copyrightprinted material should bear this notice: Retrieved from ” https: Idem, An Islamic A to Imperialism: Al-Afghani went to Paris Wikiquote has quotations related to: His father Syed Safdar had a wide command on many subjects. Jamal ad-Din simply envisioned “the overthrow of individual rulers who were lax or subservient to foreigners, and their replacement by strong and patriotic men.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Afghani in moved towards Istanbul from London. After India he spent some time in Iraq. Nonetheless, his writings and example had an immediate modernist influence, particularly on Egyptian and Iranian jamaludcin.

But the idea was rejected on the grounds that he is “married to his cause. He drew the anger of the Ulema and these forced the dismissal of the head of the university and the expulsion of Afghani in the same year.


Jamāl al-Dīn al-Afghānī – Wikipedia

The real “al-Afghani legend” was born after he died. Islam was commendable for encouraging philosophy and the meanings of the Quran can encompass all potential knowledge, according to Al Agfhani.

The convenience of his death so soon after the assassination of the Shah encouraged rumors that he had been poisoned, but nothing has ever been proven in this respect. It was merely due to his influenced that Czar allowed publication of Quran and other religious book in Russia.

Therefore, his popular lectures and writings often made use of an adaptation of the Shia idea of Taqiyah or dissimulation. Jamal ad-Din al-Afghani whose influence continues to this day, is one of the most debated personalities of recent history. An useful series of iamaluddin linking al-Afghani’s philosophical and political views.

Pronunciation – Arabic and Hebrew vowels are pronounced differently than in English.

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