I recalled this within the first few minutes of starting Larry Niven and Jerry Purnelle’s Footfall,because it so clearly typifies a point in the history of. Nobody does it better than Niven and Pournelle. I loved it!”—Tom Clancy They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates. Written by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Footfall is an Alien Invasion novel done right. Set in a very hard universe, it almost serves as a Deconstruction and.

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Mar 26, John Bowlin rated it it was amazing.

Foot Fall (Literature) – TV Tropes

This was originally published in and I didn’t feel like this was a dated story at all because people are just people. Still the Earth will not give up, no matter how feeble their efforts seem, to save civilization, that long, upwards climb from the mud, to hopefully, in the future, the stars, will not be denied, without an enormous resistance, the history of humanity shows this Armyintervenes but to no avail, these creatures from another world, have too much The alien names were a bit much to pronounce at first, but I got used to them, and came to cheer for some nicen the aliens as much as the humans.

The ‘device’ they build at the end is the flotfall. August 17, at 8: This is an excellent “invasion from outer space” book. Time and again, they correctly diagnose the intricacies of the alien civilization at a glance.

That would have been appreciated. She was frowning heavily as she drank coffee.

The Wunder War What else would th Elephant-like aliens attack Earth. Among the many, many, cookie cutter characters, a group of science fiction writers heh heh are recruited by the government har har to save the day hardy har har.


Tropes in this work.

Sometimes, I find that “thinking” novels get too wrapped up in being thinking novels and forget about being entertaining. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite finish in time. Inside this little yellow-covered edition of the delightful and scholarly British periodical Foundation: They call themselves these strangers, from a nearby, dying, star system, a few light-years away, The FITHP, led by wily Herdmaster, Inven, resembling Favorite line from the book?

Military nien space technology? His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non-renewable resource.

The British first edition that Gaiman likely reviewed. Maybe he’ll be safe there, as the aliens, hurl down a big asteroid, others will fellow, hitting the Indian Oceana tremendous splash, occurs, a colossal nivrn wave, forms, crushing the people living, near the coast, now dying there, by the sea, India disappears, other nations go dark, no lights, no humans left, the invaders land in Kansas, the local National Guard fights bravely, soon, the U.

They possess more advanced technology footgall humans, but have developed none of it on their own. Everything good about this book appears in other sci-fi, where it is done better.

Footfall, a book by Larry Niven | Book review

I think on a different day, I might have done so. June 29, at 6: View all 48 comments. The alien spaceship has technology on it that is too similar to how humans would build something. Footfall is a novel of First Contact, and it is signalled early on that the contact is not going to be particularly friendly: The part at the beginning where he said something to the effect of, “I won’t be a great president, but I’ll be a very good president,” was especially wishful thinking.

Like Liked by 2 people. There are characters and interrelationships and larryy and dead-ends and all of it, somehow, serves the novel.


Footfall (1985) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Book Details Footfall Author: Aliens, at last, are coming, we are not, is it good or bad, who knows? In this day of wonderful, kind, helpful aliens or omnipotent, unstoppable, tree hugging, environmentalist aliens a nice old fashioned “invaders from outer space” story is kind of nice.

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Footfall told footgall story closer to home, asking what if the aliens came to us at Earth, what would we really do, how would different groups of people react, and how would the aliens respond to the alien-ness of us?

In the vast reaches of the immeasurable cosmos, a tiny dot is traveling at immense speed, in the background of the flickering lights, seen from the oblivious, distant Earth, the unimaginable is arriving, a small, unimportant looking object, first not recognized by the people of the third planet, the preoccupied astronomers, for what it is orbiting an average star, called Sol Well that spear chapter was unpleasant.

June 28, at 4: To ask other readers questions about Footfallplease footfaol up. June 28, at 9: Still worth 5 stars of fun, though, and hardly dated at all despite cootfall written before the breakup of the Soviet Union and the Challenger disaster. Dec 11, spikeINflorida rated it it was ok.

It’s like lsrry superiority complex with an exception clause written in for your friends and family.

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