Ut pictura poesis is a Latin phrase literally meaning “as is painting so is poetry”. The statement . Rensselaer, W. Lee (). Ut Pictura Poesis: The humanistic. Title. Ut pictura poesis: the humanistic theory of painting /‚Äč by Rensselaer W. Lee. Author. Lee, Rensselaer Wright, Published. New York ; London: W. W. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year.

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Horace, The Collected Works of Horace. As Larrabee, Rensselaer W. Equation and comparison of the so-called sister arts of poetry and painting do not begin with Horace. One gives pleasure But once only; another will always give pleasure, Though people ask for it back ten times over. Perceptions and Judgments From the side of the visual arts, however, 20th century criticism of u. In this highly influential textLessing draws attention to the traditional distinction between literary and visual art: Quoting from English translation.

Judging from the increasing multimedia expressions of verbal and visual art, formal extrapolation of the Horatian simile seems unlikely again to occupy a central position in aesthetic scholarship. The Horatian simile is formulated at the end of a discussion warning the poet to avoid blemishes, though some may be excusable if the work in general possesses great beauty.

ut pictura poesis

William Carlos Williams, Pictures from Brueghel and other poems. Princeton University Press, University of Chicago Press, Retrieved from ” https: Platothrough his own thought process on credible knowledge, found painting and writing to be unreliable sources of understanding so disregarded the whole concept entirely.


Though of minor significance within the Ars Poetica itself, u. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat Since the early 20th century the study of the Horatian simile has been revitalized to discuss the theoretical underpinnings both of Chinese-influenced visually oriented poetry and of increasingly verbal visual arts expressions.

It was decided, at this time, painting took precedence because sight was higher ranking to people than hearing was. Mitchell trenchantly observed that “We tend to think that to compare poetry with painting is to make a metaphorwhile to differentiate poetry from painting is to state a literal truth.

The discourse on u. Lessing argues that painting is a synchronic, visual phenomenon, one of space that is immediately in its entirety understood and appreciated, while poetry again, in its widest sense is a diachronic art of the ear, one that depends on time to unfold itself for the reader’s appreciation.

An Essay on the Limits of Painting and Poetry [ citation needed ] by observing that “the first who compared painting with poetry [ Simonides of Ceos ] was a man of fine feeling,” [4] though, Lessing makes it clear, not a critic or philosopher.

Nelson and Richard Shiff Chicago: Duke University Press, Citing Homer, Lessing argues that, though minor violations may be acceptable, poetry should describe in a narrative manner, indicating qualities only within a narrative frame whenever possible, while painting should confine itself to one moment, not attempting a depiction of any narrative swath.

The statement often repeated occurs most famously in Horace ‘s Ars Poeticanear the end, immediately after another famous quotation, “bonus dormitat Homerus”, or ” even Homer nods ” an indication that even the most skilled poet can compose inferior verse: As Wai-Lim Yip notes, unlike Western poetry, traditional Chinese poetry functions in a presentational mode: Views Read Edit View history. Les mots et les couleurs ne sont choses pareilles Ni les yeux ne sont les oreilles.


Sydney Studies in English. Observers such as W. The Humanistic Theory of Painting.

Poetry by Horace Literary theory Visual arts theory. The Collected Essays and Criticism. Through positing the comparability of the picrura method, content, and effect of media, u.

Ut pictura poesis; the humanistic theory of painting

Horace, Horace, then, neither defends nor notably explains the simile, only noting that different poems, like different picturw, come off best under varying conditions and kinds of scrutiny. Reynolds Roberto Kutcher W. In general, ancient suggestions of u.

At the beginning of the Ars PoeticaHorace maintains a conceit linking the demands of taste exerted on the two art formsbut goes no further in grounding the relationship ll. Furthermore, a broader interpretation of the Horatian poesix bears on the study of media per se [see mediationmediologymediascapemediasphere.

Ferguson explains an aspect of how Pope was painting a character and a plot:

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