The best bait and lures for fishing

The best bait and lures for fishing

Certain baits and lures are among the best available in Canada for catching just about any fish. Read below to find out more.

Aglia spinner

The aglia spinner came about in France over 75 years ago, and returning veterans brought it back to North America following World War II. It was voted as the top lure for trout by Field and Stream readers. On top of this, the lure lays claim to having caught the most recorded fish of any other lure on the market. Everything from salmon and walleye to crappies and bass will latch on to this lure. So whether you’re in the Great Slave Lake or a waterway like the Polar Bear Provincial Park, you’ll surely be able to snag some whoppers.
Silver minnow

The silver minnow has a simple design that wobbles at a 35-degree angle and has an amazing weed guard. It’s great for catching pike, so anyone heading to the northern region of Manitoba is definitely in for a treat.
Shad rap

The shad rap is a highly versatile lure. It saw its 30th anniversary in 2012, but it’s been popular since the day it hit the market. The numerous varieties make fishing at different depths and for different prizes a simple endeavour. There are numerous bait fish that this lure can mimic, and this makes it perfect for almost any region in Canada.

It’s an amazing crankbait that can be trolled or cast. The larger models out there can actually dive more than 20 feet, and with the right shad rap lure, a fisherman can count on catching walleye, trout, muskies and pike throughout the year.
Live bait

Lures are an amazing thing to have in one’s tackle box, but many individuals swear by live bait. Typical night crawlers and crickets work for many species, but for those with higher aspirations, there are countless other live baits out there as well.

Minnows, for instance, are perfect for catching white bass, walleye, catfish, crappies, bass and even bluegills at times. They are inexpensive and can be kept alive in a simple live well while fishing. Madtoms, also known as stonecats, are also great for live bait. They work great for smallmouths found in Canadian rivers, but in most cases, you’ll have to catch your own, since many bait shops don’t carry them.

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