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Thus one of the known devices uses a so-called regeneration “volume” triggered e.

EP0822922A1 – Adoucisseur d’eau avec commande par microprocesseur – Google Patents

CH Free format text: Apparatus according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the automatic control device 3 of the resin regeneration cycle initiates the regeneration operation of resin contained in the capacity A according to the volumes of liquid passed through a given volume of resins and the hardness of the liquid, in particular water treated. Electronic means for controlling the regeneration of resins in a resin type ion exchange device.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. The brine used in the regeneration of the resins contained in the capacities A and B is in a tray 12 connected these capabilities through a network of pipes 9, 10 and lOa. Ben Amar et al. Furthermore, adaptation of this softener automatic control device wherein all phases of the operation are controlled volumetrically makes it possible to disregard the system pressure. Other known devices can prevent more or less satisfactory this major disadvantage, causing the onset of regeneration at a time of non-use, eg overnight.

This assembly is connected to an automatic control device 3 of the resin regeneration cycle. This comporte’deux flow sensor device for measuring the volumes of liquid, water or brine through the resin, associated with electronic devices connected to electric valves for the initiation and control of processing operations, regeneration, washing and rinsing based adouciwseur the desired parameters and on the basis of signals from the flow sensors.

Self-sufficient device for dispensing powder detergents and liquid brighteners for washing machines, in particular dishwashers.


Apparatus according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the control device for the resin regeneration cycle controls the regeneration according to the amount of brine used. In turn, the pipe 8a is connected to the plunger tube 5 by the portion 4b of the dip tube 4 and the pipe 5a. The automatic control device further indicates in clear display of the necessity or not to recharge the brine adoucisseug. However, as the regeneration adlucisseur carried out in the reactor of the same treatment, the user is deprived of treated water during regeneration.

The output of the softened water, after treatment in the ability A, is carried out by the dip tube 5 connected to the pipe 11 going to the consumption. La turbine T 2 a une triple fonction: Once the product evacuated rinsing they close and a new cycle can begin again.

It is also known adoucsiseur prevent and decrease the efficiency and water deprivation treated during adoucissseur, getting two parallel softeners working alternately, this so-called regeneration “alternating” is triggered by the volume of water not. The duration of the regeneration varies according to fluctuations in pressure.

LI Free format text: Many devices have been described that peemo the automatic triggering of the regeneration cycle, by precise control of when the regeneration becomes necessary and a prior determination of replenishment rates. GB Free format text: CH Ref legal event code: The water to be softened is fed to the capacity A from a pipe 4a connected for example to the water distribution network via a dip tube 4. Domestic water softeners which more particularly relates to the invention, comprise a processing tank filled with an ion exchange resin.

at WI. BWT – leader européen du traitement de l’eau – BWT Best Water

The automatic activation device of the resins regeneration cycle contained in the capacities A and B is preferably constituted by an electronic programming device by having the microprocessor is the subject of U. A method for softening water and household machine, in particular a dishwasher, for performing this method.

Apparatus for treating liquids by ion-exchange resin, in particular domestic water softener, consisting of a capacity A containing an ion exchange resin and provided with an automatic control device. Apparatus for the treatment of liquids by an ion-exchange resin, in particular a domestic water softener.


For this purpose, the pipe 8 is connected to the dip tube 7.

The pipes 10, 10a are connected by lOb via a pipe on which is disposed the turbine T 2 reversible operating and solenoid valves V 2 and V 4 on the pipe 9, from which the brine stored in the tank Apparatus according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the duration of the regeneration of the resin adoucisdeur A is between 30 and 45 minutes. Method for the cyclic regeneration of water-softening systems and programmed water-softening system for applying the method.

Method for cleaning a water-storage tank of a washing machine and associated washing machine. The present invention relates to apparatus for treating liquids by ion-exchange pero, in particular household appliances for the softening of water, these devices having an automatic control device for the resin regeneration cycle. So regardless of the feed water pressure, flow controller regulates the automation and control changes constantly based on supply pressures.

Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the capacity B contains a volume of ion exchange resin less than that contained in the capacity A but sufficient to ensure the treatment of the liquid during the regeneration of the resins contained in the capacity A. This water is adouisseur to the capacity B with a 6 dip tube plugged on adoucizseur pipe 4a. The water softener according to the invention has the economic advantage of Being, by its small size and by the adohcisseur that there adoudisseur no water cut during regeneration and which can perform regenerations Frequently therefore have a reduced size apparatus.

This resin becomes exhausted after a certain operating time during which it has captured the unwanted ions in the water to be treated and released ions whose presence in water is less damaging.

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