Hi MSP, need a robust backup software for backing up your clients’ VMware, Hyper-V, Office mail, Exchange, SQL etc. to your datacenter storage or public . Find out what users are saying about Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite. Read user Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers . Find out what users are saying about AhsayCBS. Read user AhsayCBS reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.

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While the product has had its reliability issues on some versions, I have really been struggling to stay with Ahsay as a partner. Once you are signed in you’ll be able to: Get Quote for Aarogya We have helped business to picing the right Software. I wouldn’t subscribe them to anyoner though ahsqy are just comingbup from my point of view, but thee customers service and documentation must be dealt with If your paid licenses in v6 are under valid maintenance, you just need to purchase one additional AhsayCBS license for each AhsayOBS key you intend to upgrade to v7.


Both new and existing users can sign in with LinkedIn. Message us on Facebook.

Ahsay Backup Screenshots 3. How much do the Ahsay Backup cost? Ease to use though, but they have to work well on those aspect have stated above Ensured business continuity through quasi-disaster recovery in 1 minute Significantly reduced downtime and management costs.

View full list of Backup Software.

Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite

Please send us through the particular configuration at https: New Features in Version 7 4. Based on 1 user ratings.

In parallel, we will perform live migration of the image back to the peicing location. In other words, you do not need to pay anything extra for the upgrade for these paid licenses if they are under valid maintenance.

There are three new license types in Version 7: We have helped business find the right Software. Get the trial version and see if it works for you. Which mobile platform does Ahsay Backup support?

Please list out difference scenarios of Virtual Machine backup so I can understand the number of licenses required. Cloud integration What’s New. What are the main features of Ahsay Backup?

Why are you charging extra for the v6 to v7 pricihg this time?


AhsayCBS Reviews and Pricing –

The key for a good system is to be reliable, fast, ahxay to use. Based on 8 user ratings. Which operating system does Ahsay Backup support? So you can either provision your own storage or we can arrange to provision additional storage on the public cloud platform for you. Storage as low as USD 0.

Over the lricing few years, the quality and reliability of their software has fluctuated with their versions. It creates a burden on the upgrade.

I have been an Ahsay partner for the last 11 years zhsay have seen many improvements with the product. Company Details Company Name:. So we have developed this module so our partners can target this segment to backup data from the NAS device.

On the technical side, a physical server can usually support up to 5x VM guests and bear in mind as the number of VM increases, the size of the data also increases.

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