Project Report By Rajeev Prajapati TRAINING REPORT. Express gratitude to those who were associated with my project training in BHEL. A Training report On “TURBINE MANUFACTURING” At BHEL HARIDWAR Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar. Hitesh Gupta .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. BLOCK-3 Gas.

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A few notable ones are: This type of insulation is more reliable for high voltage. Auth with social network: BHEL has indigenously developed the state-of-the-art controlled shunt reactor for reactive power management on long transmission lines. This sequence is repeated as the steam passes through additional rows of fixed and moving blades.

Forging Forging of small rotor parts III. Each slots accommodated two bars. Their prime mover and bloc, is supplied by exciter system. Pitch of a blade is the circumferential d istance between any point on the profile and an identical point on the next blad e. The generic symbol for a turb ine used in a flow diagram is shown in Figure below.

Each of these elements will blockk separately dealt with in the foll owing sections. Retaining rings are made u of non-magnetic high strength steeling order to reduce the stray losses. Retrieved 29 September Energy metersWater metersControl equipmentCapacitorsPhotovoltaic panels and Electronic private automatic branch exchange.

The length of the resistance thermometer depends upon the length of armature.

Bhel haridwar training report !!

Custom made hydro sets of Francis, Reporh and Kaplan ty pes for different head discharge combination are also engineering and manufactur ed by BHEL. The frictional damping has a particu lar characteristic. The following termino logy is used in the subsequent sections. Twist ed blade with integral shroud, in last repoort of HP, IP and initial stages of LP turbines, to reduce profile and Tip leakage losses o Free standing LP moving bl ades Tip sections with supersonic design o o Fir-tree root Flame hardening of th e leading edge Banana type hollow guide blade o Tapered and forward leaning for optimized mass flow distribution o Suction slits for moisture removal 4.


To ensure that strands are firmly bonded together and give dimensionally stability in slot portion, a layer of glass tape is wrapped over the complete stack. glock

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Business should uphold the freedom of association and the ef fective recognition of the right to collective bargaining; 4. Repair of electrical machines. Steam turbines and generators up to MW capacity for utility and combined cycle applications Capability to manufacture up to MW unit cy cle.

The system is capable of performing following system — 1. High pressure and temperature fluid at the inlet of the turbine exit as lower pressure and temperature fluid. The conductors of small rectangular cross section are provided with glass lapped strand insulation.

Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

The axial fans mounted on either side of rotor ensure circulation of hydrogen gas. They also have integral shrouds. These different designs engage the steam in a different method so as to turn the rotor 3.

Thus, the jobs un dergoing these operations are the roughly finished products received through pri mary shaping processes. Today BHEL has 14 Manufacturing Divisions, 4 Power Sector regional Centers, 8 Service Centers 18 regional offices and large number of Project Sites spread all over India and abroad enables the Company to promptly serve its customers and provide them with suitable products, systems and services efficiently and at competitive prices.


The current flowing through the conductor is uniformly distributed over the entire bar cross section reduced. All welded joints exposed to hydrogen are specially made to prevent leakage. The insulation placed over the winding should be such that they make half overlap with next wrapping of the tape. This collaboration still continues.

Bhel Haridwar Training Report Block 3 Pdf

The approximate area of these plant is a follows: A bottoming cycle might be used to extr act energy from the exhaust gases of a large diesel engine, but the fluid in a b ottoming cycle still has sufficient energy to be extracted across a turbine, wit h the energy converted into rotational energy.

It is also placed at 4th place in Forbes Asia’s Fabulous 50 List of All conductors have identical copper and cooling section. Insulating paper pressboards are also put between the layer of stamping to provide additional insulation and to localize short circuit.

The shrunk on hub on the end of the retaining ring serves to reinforce the retaining ring and serves the end winding in the axial direction. This is due to the rubbing friction between the component under considerat ion with any other object. Spherical butterfly and rotary valve s and auxiliaries for hydro station. Make sure they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

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