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I had to make myself slog through certain portions of lendolo book — Eco is clearly brilliant, but needs to learn to keep a plot together. Will this book pick up? Boh, non sono neanche sicura di averlo capito.

Il Pendolo Di Foucault – Umberto Eco

I was sadly disappointed. View all 9 comments. The uncertainty foucauot scientific knowledge and human experience is explored in his character, as he participates in various extra-natural events. While I obviously haven’t given this one ‘glowing reviews’, my other-half wants to take a stab at reading this before I make it AVL on my shelf.

The Shadow of the Templarsin which an American tourist and a French journalist must thwart a conspiracy by a shadowy cabal who ip themselves on the Knights Templar. Unfortunately it takes nearly pages to get to the plot, and then it doesn’t actually get interesting until about page But for history largely European, late medieval to s.

Other than the narrator, I never full connected with or cared much about the characters and even the narrator I pendol that much into.

Although the main plot does detail a conspiratorial “Plan”, the book focuses on the development of the characters, and their slow transition from skeptical editors, mocking the Manutius manuscripts to credulous Diabolicals themselves. As in Ardenti’s original theory, each cell is given part of the Templar “Plan” and information about the secret discovery.

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I think I was hoping for something coucault with labyrinths of codes and clues, fast paced action and impossible-to-put-down suspense with perhaps an extra edge. This book is extremely dialogue driven pemdolo so densely populated with theological and historical pendolk as to render huge chunks of it completely lost on me. For the physics experiment and implement, see Foucault pendulum.

FP Chapters 28 – 38 51 32 Feb 20, And when they do, he will follow Belbo’s lead, refusing to give them any clues, refusing to create a lie. I know there are many who would disagree with my opinions here, after all it’s considered a modern classic. It’s obvious from the story. I thought Eco is a French, but learned afterwards that he is an Italian. A few good things about the book: Casaubon learns that as well as the respectable Garamond publishing house, Mr.

Finishing it was a huge triumph, not because I particularly enjoyed the experience, but because I was relieved of it.

However, if you’re like me and rco looking for something fast paced and suspenseful, don’t be fooled by the tantalising mentions of conspiracies, murders and ‘plots’. View all 4 comments. Where is the editor? Perhaps without the layers of detail “I’ve done all this research work, so I’m going to use it”?

The problem is that Umberto Eco prefers to give history lectures instead of advancing the plot. I, too, like the Diabolicals, wanted the grand revelation, only to be let down thoroughly at the end the difference between the reader and the Diabolicals is that the former stops searching while the latter don’t. Casaubon hides in the museum, where he was when the novel opened.

However, I think that Frances Yates is probably a more rewarding author to start this descent. In addition, I found this to be such a difficult read.


Sometimes both and fit together well. At the meeting Belbo was reminded of the Colonel’s conspiracy theory by the words of a young woman who was apparently in sco trance. He believes that members of a secret society have kidnapped Belbo and are now after him. This, along with sheer stubbourness that I would not let the hours and hours I’d sunk into this book be wasted, kept me going – there were questions I wanted answered. The only thing I had remotely dispensable was this incredibly worn as in, pages were falling out copy pendklo Eco’s book I’d been struggling through the last month and a half.


Il pendolo di Foucault by Umberto Eco (2 star ratings)

At some point in the future I will attempt to tackle it again. La novela tiene un comienzo duro, al menos para alguien de letras como yo. Interspersed in the central narrative are conceptually interesting but actually excruciatingly boring journal entries written in gross purple prose by one of the characters, Belbo, and I wished with all my heart that some editor out there were smart enough to force Eco to CUT THAT SHIT altogether.

So, the book offers a very weak, uneven story that suffers from too much information, too many irrelevant narrative lines, and an unsatisfying ending. Published May 15th by Bompiani first published Then they will reunite and take over the world using the power of the telluric currents to reshape the world as they see fit.

I’ll start with the positive, it was well-researched.

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