This looks great in Crystal, but when I export the report to excel-data only (which is mostly what the report is used for) the sub-report comes out. Exporting Crystal Reports into Excel. When I export a report to excel all columns export correctly except the sub report it makes it a new row. Any tips on how to. Your main report should report at least that field. Right click on the sub report to manage individual sub report links. In Crystal Reports 10 exporting with multiple .

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crtstal Has anyone got one? Wednesday, November 24, 3: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Hi Stalek, all three sub-reports are ccrystal using three different input parameters StartDate and EndDate which create a date range for which information is populated, and ItemType which specifies the item the report is generated for.

Crystal Subreport – Export to Excel issue The end users need to do several operations on the excel once it is exported. I have a report with two sub-reports, all on one row of my master report.

formatting – Crystal Reports – Using Subreports as Columns – Stack Overflow

From there, import your file to excel using the “text to column wizard”. Are there other ideas I should try? If I understand you correctly, you have a subreport that returns some piece of data on the same line as other data in your main report. Right click on the sub report to manage individual sub report links.


Crystal Subreport – Export to Excel issue Why not use the regular Excel export instead of data only–then the guidelines method will work.

For instance here’s a. This will solve the issue. Essentially, I have a Crystal Report that consists of three subrepory.

Export Crystal Report Main report and Subreport data to Excel

exporrt Thank you for your reply, Lan. If all sub reports are placed to the right of all info being reported in your main report, and everything is lined up correctly Thanks for your reply, heringer.

I am having a small problem with formatting on a Crystal Report that I am hoping that you may be able to help me with. By clicking “Post Your Exporf, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Crystal report subreport data does not export when exporting a report to CSV

Hi all, I have a problem whenever I export the crystal report with a subreport to a excel Data Onlythe subreport data will display next row.

For Crystal Reports please see: I need a solution to this as well. However, when exporting to excel it inserts three blank rows between each record. Monday, March 12, 2: The three sub-reports generate repot based off of the parameters, one of which is an overall count, the other two cryetal sub-set counts.


The individual sections of the sub-reports still do not line up with each other. Lan 1, 1 9 Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired.

I used to think you just had to set suppress blank report on the subreport but that doesn’t work. You can try to place the subreport in the details section then go to section experts, select details and check “Format with multiple columns”. What ever would be the same DATA in each of your data sources. I need all the info in the Details section to be on one line once it is in Excel just like it would be if I viewed it wit Crystal Reports.

Export or save a Subreport as a new Main Report? URGENT

Edited by boltonss Saturday, July 12, 5: As it happens, I was just testing this yesterday. Here’s what I would try: Is there a way to do that? Sign up using Facebook.

In the main report, turn off the borders on the subreport.

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