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I where R 6 is acyl. R 6 is phenyl optionally substituted with one or two R 9 groups; and each R 9when present, is independently formualrio from phenyl, fluoro, chloro, methoxy, phenyloxy, and trifluoromethyl. In any case, as stated previously, the compounds of the invention are useful for treating diseases characterized in part by abnormal levels of cell proliferation i. The organic phase was separated and washed with brine, separated and dried over Na 2 SO 4. Standard workup and purification by column chromatography gave 65 mg 0.

Yet even more specifically, R is ethyl. Therefore, it is to be understood that the flrmulario description is sta to be illustrative and not restrictive. After evaporation of solvent by rotary evaporator, the residue was triturated with acetone to yield 5-iodo-N-isopropylmethyl methylthio pyrimidinamine.

The reaction was cooled to room temperature and poured into a saturated solution OfNaHCO 3 mLthen washed four times with ethyl acetate 50 mL. Forjulario should additionally be noted that saturated carbons of such fused groups i. The reaction flask sealed, and allowed to warm to room temperature upon standing overnight.

Then the reaction mixture was heated to reflux and reacted for 4 h. Such methods may also include administering the candidate agent, determined to modulate kinase activity, to a mammal suffering from a condition treatable sag kinase modulation, such as those described above.


The residue was purified on SiO 2 2: After quenching and aqueous workup, solvent removal provided crystalline 22 without further purification.

JMC Asesoría Aduanal

The protected derivatives of compounds of Formula I can be prepared by methods well known in the art. Pharmaceutical compositions of 7- 6- 2-hydroxypropanyl pyridinyl trans methoxycyclohexyl -3,4-dihydropyrazino [2,3-B]pyrazin-2 1H -one, a solid form thereof and methods of their use.

The therapeutically effective amount can be determined formularlo by one of ordinary skill in the art having regard to their knowledge and to this disclosure.

After evaporation of solvent by rotary evaporator, the residue was triturated with acetone. Specifically, R 1 is formmulario, optionally substituted alkyl, optionally substituted cycloalkyl, optionally substituted arylalkyl, or optionally substituted heterocycloalkylalkyl. After evaporation of solvent, the residue is triturated with acetone and collected by filtration to yield 5. Compound was dissolved in ethyl acetate and triturated in hexane.

These include reagents like salts, neutral proteins, e.

Parish / Parroquia

More specifically, R 1 is hydrogen, alkyl, alkyl substituted with one or two hydroxy, alkyl substituted with alkoxy, cycloalkyl, arylalkyl, or heterocycloalkylalkyl. The fractions containing product were collected and concentrated to one half volume and poured into saturated NaHCO 3 50 mL.

Even more specifically, the cancer is ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, or glioblastoma. The mixture was stirred for 30 min at room temperature fomrulario was warmed to 70 0 C.

Enantiomers R- and S -isomers may be resolved by methods known to one of ordinary skill in the art, for example by: The volatile ethylamine was removed on a rotary evaporator. Acta Neuropathol Berl, ; Samuels et al.

The second component is then added, and the presence or absence of the labeled component is followed, to indicate binding. After neutralizing, 11 is collected through filtration and followed by drying under vacuum. Additionally, natural or synthetically produced libraries and compounds are readily modified through conventional chemical, physical and biochemical means.


The Compound of Claim 29 where each R 9when present, is independently aryl, halo, alkoxy, foemulario, and haloalkyl.


EP EPB1 en The aqueous phase was washed thrice with ethyl acetate mL and the organic layers combined, then washed with brine and dried over Na 2 SO 4. As well, the key structural features of the aforementioned proteins, particularly, the shape of the ligand binding site, are useful in methods for designing or identifying selective modulators of kinases and in solving the structures zat other proteins with similar features.

Also reagents that otherwise improve the efficiency of the assay, such as protease inhibitors, nuclease inhibitors, anti-microbial agents, etc. This solution was heated in a sealed tube at 0 C for 17 h.

For any additional information, please contact with the executive editor at editor aripd. This material was used as such in the following reaction. The Compound of Claim 3 where R 1 is heterocycloalkylalkyl and R 4 is methyl. A color change was observed form light yellow to olive green in about seconds.

It allows PDF version of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted, to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final printed journal. An earned PhD in a related field by August 15, is preferred; candidates from International Studies, Sociology, Development Studies and Area Studies are specifically encouraged to apply.

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