Synopsis: the Foreigner. In a rural fishing lodge in Georgia, Froggy LeSueur, a British demolitions expert who sometimes runs training sessions at a nearby. When everyone in the lodge thinks that Charlie does not understand a word of English, people speak freely around him and he learns some. FOREIGNER. 5M, 2W. BY LARRY SHUE. The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by “Froggy. LeSeuer, a British demolition.

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Can this stranger really not know. Can this show even be done today? Evidently they all put glasses fpreigner their heads. Quick, brilliantly constructed, yummy characters and a happy ending.

Shue should not be confused with Shakespeare or Chekhov, but there is in this scene and many thw in The Foreigner a dramatic texture that the belly laughs can often obscure. National Unified Auditions New York.

Mar 10, Libroslibra rated it it was ok. And the author cannot even make his premise seem credible enough to support the airiest of fantasies. I’m really in love with this and I have to shuf it in person lary Proprietress reassures her that Charlie can understand nothing.

Charlie, a shy man, is overcome by panic at the thought of having to make conversation with strangers, so, to protect him, the officer tells the proprietress of the inn that Charlie is a foreigner unable to understand English, much less speak it. What are people like in their unguarded moments? Initially, Charlie is extremely shy, dull, and morose as he worries about the apparently imminent death of his philandering wife.


Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

However, with the image of rampant sexuality that follows, the audience has their expectations violently overturned and the result is raucous laughter. Holds up his fork.

I chortled my way through it and there were a few times I burst into laughter. When she discovers in Charlie a man who is genuinely kind and really enjoys listening, she believes she has found her ideal romantic mate. But sometimes all the underpinnings would just drop away and there would be a passage like the paper bag scene in The Nerd or the breakfast scene in The Foreigner that lifted off into a sublime celebration of how silly and how lovely it is to be human.

Oct 01, Thw Stoddard rated it it was amazing.

Oct 25, Hanna rated it really liked it. The critic offers high praise for the production, however, citing the skills of the actors in particular.

This review has been hidden because ehue contains spoilers.

The Foreigner |

Wiped this nation clean of— Looking at Charlie people like him! Uncharacteristically competent, calm, clever, inventive, and brave, Charlie finds a sense of self by the end of the play and earns the love of Catherine. Views Read Edit View history. May 04, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Charlie gradually falls in love with her. In this double-talk, he improvises everything from badinage to lengthy anecdotes, and Froggy must fall in with it, however clumsily. And Charlie, who has been similarly underestimated his whole life, has come to breakfast hoping to be left alone yet initiates hsue contact with Ellard.


Betty expects that he has received news of his wife’s death. It was hard for me to read.

The Foreigner

Read More dancers Performer. Vietnam has been so traumatic an episode in American history, however, that its ghost rises even today whenever the United States is involved in foreign hostilities; in it had risen again because of American military involvement in Central America. An armed Klansman comes down holding Catherine, who says that the others captured Ellard. With the threat vanquished, the protagonists celebrate.

It’s still funny and at times silly, but pretty down to earth.

The Foreigner (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

From start to finish the crowd yelps like hyenas. I was bothered a bit at how plainly bad the bad guys were and fully good the good guys were and so there is no ambiguity. But because Shue was a gifted comic writer, this initial situation breeds equally inspired situations within the framework of the play.

When I saw him, he was wonderful. When others begin to speak freely around him, he not only becomes privy to secrets both dangerous and frivolous, he also What does a shy Englishman in search of rest do when he visits a fishing lodge in Georgia? I found it to be wickedly funny, smart, and witty. As an actor, he was such a cut-up.

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